Orange Theory Review + First Impressions

Hi guys! So if you have me on Snapchat or follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently started going to Orange Theory. I went with a good friend to try it out for a free class and kinda fell in love. If you read my donuts and workout post (which you can find here), you know that I can’t workout on my own. I can’t just go on a run by myself, or do some exercises at home. I lay down to do sit-ups and then an hour later I realize all I’ve done is scroll through Instagram and have done no sit-ups. #truth

I need competition, an instructor to motivate me, good music, and just somewhere to be that’s not my house. Orange Theory offers different exercises every time, but you are doing it on the same machines/floor. Here’s the breakdown of it: there are three stations: treadmill, a rower, and floor. On the treadmill you obviously are walking/jogging/running. The rower you are pulling a bar handle that’s like similar to rowing an actual boat. The floor, you are doing a handful of different exercises that are never the same, but basically things you would do on the floor. For example squats, plank, weight lifting, you get the picture.  You are given a heart rate monitor as well, and you are able to watch it throughout your workout. There are three heart rate zones that you should be aiming to be in. Green, orange and red. Orange and red is what you are aiming for, since that’s when your heart rate is at its highest doing the most work so you are getting the best workout.

You switch off between these three stations every time and it’s never the same! That’s why I like it so much. I have taken classes with multiple instructors and they really are all my favorite. Each one has a strong fitness instructor voice that gets you pumped! I always create competition on my own in class, and by that I mean I choose someone in my head that is going about the same pace as I do, and in my head I always try to stay the same with them or go faster. It makes it more fun ;).

Cost wise, Orange Theory is very expensive in my opinion. Way more pricey than a gym pass for sure.  It’s $180 for unlimited, which means you can go whenever you want and go to whatever Orange Theory location you want. On top of that, is around a $90 charge for buying your own heart rate monitor. So yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. But, it’s worth every penny to me now.

After going for a week, it’s become apart of my weekly routine and something I really enjoy. I haven’t worked out in FOREVER, so finding a workout that I actually enjoy and want to do… is a miracle. Yes, it’s expensive. And yes, I can’t walk most of the time afterwards. But… I’ve finally hit a point where I enjoy working out and want to do it everyday. And that is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I’m already seeing results and that’s a blessing in itself.  


Danielle Alana

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