Girl’s Weekend


This weekend was an absolute dream come true!  I will forever remember my 20th birthday being amazing because of my girlfriends.  We had some craziness, unexpected events, a nice dinner, yummy dessert, the prettiest pictures, and a delicious breakfast.  Get ready to see what my 20th birthday looked like! 🙂


We started out the day bright and early by meeting at my house and packing the car to head out to Palm Springs!  We took two cars and got to our hotel, The Saguaro Palm Springs, around 10:30.  We immediately checked in and got to our room which was stunning!  We got a pool view suite with two queen beds, and it was perfect for our group.  As we were on our way up to our room, we were cracking up because the elevator and room definitely had a funny smell.  The best way I can describe it is that it smelled like a vacuum…something old!  


Anyways, we unpacked and headed straight down to the pool for pictures and sunshine.  The pool was very crowded and there was definitely a lot going on at this hotel this weekend.  I’m talking multiple bachelorette parties, multiple birthday parties, and just a lot of groups of friends in general.  This hotel has more recently gotten popular so if you plan on staying here I definitely recommend planning ahead!


After getting some pictures done at the pool, we went on over to the bar to get some food…and this is when things took a turn!  I walked away after ordering to grab some more water from the pitcher at the bar where we were ordering, and I turn around and one of my friends was on the ground.  Somebody yelled “she’s seizing”, and me being nosey went to look who it was.  It didn’t cross my mind for a second that it would be one of my girls.  I ran over and everyone immediately jumped into help and was on it.  We originally thought she was having a seizure because she was convulsing and her eyes were somewhat rolling around, but after going to the emergency room they labeled it as something else.  To put it in a somewhat summary, I had to call 911 and the hotel was very helpful with getting security and giving us as much privacy as we could have, before we left.  So on my birthday I rode in an ambulance with one of my best friends…that’s pretty cool right?!  Thank GOD my friend is totally fine- but at the time I think everyone in my group was nervous and we were all hoping for the best news possible.  Praise Jesus she only had a concussion from falling.  Make sure to drink your water friends!


After an eventful afternoon and bringing the party to the emergency room, my friend went home to rest and the rest of us got ready for dinner and pictures.  We ended up going to a restaurant called Trio for dinner, which you will see a review on my travel guide which is coming up later this week.  After Trio we headed out to get dessert at Great Shakes.  Details and reviews on both of these will be on my travel guide later this week!  We ended the night with a classic movie, Bring It On: All or Nothing, duh! And were in bed pretty early.  The heat is exhausting folks, it was 115 degrees while we were there!


After a good nights rest we packed up, checked out, and headed out to breakfast at Lulu’s Bistro.  We were all so tired and had no money (ha) so we were supposed to stop by the shops, but instead we headed home.  I truly believe we were all so tired because of how hot it was.  Plus, that Nordstrom Anniversary Sale took all of my money.  ðŸ™‚ 


To my girlfriends- thank you so much to each one of you for loving me unconditionally and being apart of my life.  You have all been with me through the bad and the good, and I couldn’t thank you enough for that.  I thank God every single day for putting each one of you in my life. I truly don’t know what I would do without you guys.  I love you!

Thanks so much for reading, and keep an eye out for something special! 😉


Danielle Alana

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