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So awhile back I shared on Instagram my super cute red scalloped suit from Zaful which you can see pictured below.  May I remind you, I bought this bathing suit on sale and my total + shipping was $12… $12 PEOPLE.  Zaful already has really great prices, so when items are on sale it is a MAJOR steal.  Right now, they are selling the cutest midi dresses for really good prices so I thought I would do a post on all the things from my wishlist, and then another post later on the goodies I am actually buying.  

Lets get started with my wishlist…

THIS dress I LOVE because it’s length is around mid-calf so it isn’t a full maxi-dress, and the colors go with the early season of Fall so you could pair this with brown booties or chunky wedges.  

It is still REALLY hot here in Cali so I’m not opposed to buying more bathing suits!  I love this one particularly because of the print on the top and the bottoms let you get a good booty tan! 😉

Ok, one more bathing suit.  A lot of people I know this stripes are really unflattering, but stripes are one of my favorite patterns!  

Next up is this sweater- I love this one because it has a wrap around the neck with a mini opening that adds a little something extra to the sweater!

I LOVE this dress.  The colors, the fact that it looks like a halter dress, and the scrunchy top (my fav) seal the deal for me!

Now that you’ve seen my wishlist from Zaful, I recommend you head on over and pick out some items because they are having some MAJOR sales right now like THIS one…

This is a great promotion that they are doing right now and it is not hard to enter, don’t miss out!

Besides this promotion, they also have THIS sale going on right now.  And who knew?!… Zaful has a blog! You can read all their fashion posts HERE.

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