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So maybe some of you have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA lately… that could be due to the fact that I’ve been traveling all summer, busy with everyday life, getting back into a 48 hour a week work schedule, or that I may have met a special someone. πŸ˜‰  If you follow me on Instagram, you know my profile is set to the business kind and under my name it shows what kind of “business”.  Under my name it says personal blog, which is exactly what this is!  As much as I love doing posts about fashion and beauty, I am in no way a professional fashion blogger like some of the ones you’ve seen out there.  I’m just your average 20 year old who loves everything girly, is living life in Orange County, and wants to share what I’m doing with the world…because well, I think it’s fun! 

With that being said…


I got myself a man!  *Insert heart eyes here*.  I figured since this is my personal blog about my life and the things I am doing- it would be appropriate to introduce my boyfriend that you will be seeing all over my social media as well as sometimes my blog.  So… meet Tim. πŸ™‚  




Not too long ago we did our first couples shoot with Bliss Portrait Collections and we had so much fun!  I’m used to getting my photos taken and doing many photoshoots with Sydney (the girl behind the camera) so getting to do one with Tim, who gets his pictures taken probably once a year, was an experience to be had πŸ™‚ As you can see, the photos turned out AMAZING and I cannot thank Sydney enough for taking these for us.  This was the first of many photoshoots, (sorry Tim) but we will forever cherish these photos as our first couples shoot.  With Fall just around the corner, I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce him since I had a couple ideas of fun couples post that I’ll be doing later on in the year.  Other than holiday related posts, I’ll be dropping little blog posts here and there all about how Tim and I met, and you know…basically the stuff that everyone wants to know!  πŸ˜‰ But for now, I just wanted you to have a visual and also not be surprised when you see him around because I have definitely gotten a couple messages on Instagram about this mystery man.  If you have any fun blog ideas for couples, shoot them my way!  I already have our date night series based in Orange County, how we met, and a couple other things in mind for upcoming posts.  Let me know!

Besides Tim, another thing I wanted to touch on is my girl Syd.  If you have been following me for awhile now you know Bliss Portrait Collections does all of my photos and I tag her in every pic she takes!  She has been killing the photography game lately and I wanted to give her a little shoutout because without her, part of this blog wouldn’t be possible!  If you didn’t already know, Sydney is one of my closest friends and I’ve known her since sixth grade.  Considering I’m 20 years old… that is a long time!  She to date is the friend that I have known the longest.  Sydney- I am so grateful for you, your photography skills, and our friendship!  Thank you for being one of my closest friends and always having my back.  You are the best!

With all that being said- I’m so excited for the upcoming season of Fall and all that is has to bring!  I am beyond ready for sweater weather, Starbucks fall drinks, holidays, baking, and family traditions.  This means blog posts that are related to all of these topics + fall fashion!  California is still getting heat waves, but I am PRAYING it cools down so I can wear everything I bought from NSale and show you guys!  Thank you so much for reading as always and I’m looking forward to sharing my life with you with a special someone by my side…


Danielle Alana




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