Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is a very special day- because it is my mom’s birthday!  30 years old has never looked so good! 😉 I wanted to do a little post for my mama since today is her special day, and share some pictures and a funny story or two.  Ever since I was little, my mom has written me what she calls birthday letters.  She writes me a letter that I receive on my birthday every year and it gives a recap of how my year went, and she reminds me how much she loves me!  Since she has been doing that my whole life, I figured I would do a special birthday post.  This one is for you Mom!


Getting me here took a good, long while.  Which can explain why my sister and I are 10 years apart.  Afters years of trying, going through IVF, and a miscarriage, 10 years later I joined the party-after almost everyone was about to lose hope.  I was definitely the miracle baby!  


My mom spent almost all of her life being a stay at home mom and raising my sister and I, Nicole.  I have plenty of memories and also a handful of home videos, of my mom and I spending all of our days together.  Since my sister and I were so far apart, it was like being an only child when I was younger, so my mom and I had plenty of quality time together.  This included visiting my dad at work, watching my sister at dance practice, running errands, and when I got older, her driving me to many play dates and also driving me and my friends everywhere.  

One of my favorite memories that I have with my mom is getting to skip school and go to Disneyland in around 2nd or 3rd grade.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever- ditching school and all.  And of course I can never forget that time in third grade when she rolled up with a brand new puppy.  Everyone was non-stop talking about that for days. #coolkid


To my mama- I will never forget my childhood thanks to you.  Our days running around cleaning dad’s office and getting Del Taco, walking to school in the morning on special occasions, bringing me donuts to school just because, taking me to fun things like the circus, Disneyland, and of course Disney on Ice.  Those were the days, and I will never forget them.  You have made sure that growing up I had plenty of fun and also many opportunities.  And you have never failed at making me feel loved.  I love you to the moon & back.


Danielle Alana

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