Zaful Dress Review


My Zaful dresses FINALLY came in!  If you’ve read my posts on Zaful before then you know that Zaful does take awhile to ship- but they have great prices and cute stuff, so it’s worth it.  They sent me two dresses (thank you so much!) and they both fit perfectly and look great on, as you can see ๐Ÿ˜‰


I got to pick the two dresses I wanted which was pretty exciting!  The first one I picked was this red statement dress because I felt it really popped and I could wear it early Fall for a casual occasion.  If you read my last post which you can here, you know that SoCal isn’t really going a long with the cold weather thing.  It is still pretty warm here, but I will admit in the mornings it has gotten cloudy, which I LOVE! Anyways, this dress is an off the shoulder tight around the chest dress, and the rest of it is flowy, which again I love… #flowyislife.  The only complaint I have is that I am short so this dress does drag a little, but to me it is the perfect amount of “drag”.  It drags enough, but not enough to the point where the bottom of the dress is going to be dark and dirty. For size reference, I ordered my normal size which is a small and it fits well- except the arms are a little tight.  I prefer clothes to be tight rather than baggy though, since I am so little because it makes me look bigger than I am when I have bigger clothes on.  For example, I can’t wear two baggy pieces of clothing at the same time.  Like my last post that I did on my summer outfit, my top was flowy but my pants were tight.  You definitely need balance!


Now the maxi dress… I mean just look at me.  I was definitely feelin’ myself and feeling like a million bucks, thats for sure! lol.  This dress came in black and white with a slip underneath and cutouts to show off your legs.  I think this dress was meant to be off the shoulder (which you know I’m obsessed with) but I think you can wear it however you want.  Not in this picture, but in other ones I took, when they were both way off the front looked kind of floppy which I didn’t really like.  I personally will where this dress kind of “sloppy” because I like how it hangs off, but you can do either way.  I also ordered this dress in a small because it is my normal size and it fit great.  Again, the only complaint I have is the front hangs down a little, but I make it work by readjusting my shoulder straps ๐Ÿ™‚


HUGE shoutout to Zaful for these amazing dresses!  If you guys have any questions, please feel free to comment- I will get back to you pretty quickly!


Danielle Alana

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