My Nordstrom Rack Find

Sooo I don’t know about you but I completely forgot about Nordstrom Rack for a hot second.  Until I had 1 day to find a dress for a wedding the next night.  I was a little iffy on doing a blog post on this dress, just because you can’t buy it anywhere else I’m guessing but Nordstrom, and usually if it is at the Rack then it is going, going, gone.  Since I totally forgot about the Rack though, I wanted to share photos of my dress and remind everyone that they have some pretty awesome deals.  I can say though, that shopping there all the time isn’t ideal for me because I feel like the ones I go to are sometimes pretty cluttered.  If I have a lot of time that day or I’m in a really good mood, I can spend hours looking through clothes and shoes, no doubt.  


If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember my Instagram story from awhile back in August sharing the wedding that Tim and I went to.  It was his cousin’s wedding and it was simply gorgeous.  It happened to be right down the street from where I want to get married which was pretty cool!  This dress that I am sharing in this post is the one that I wore to that wedding and it ended up being pretty good pricing.  I say I got a total win for finding the dress the day before!  


Anyways, just a friendly reminder that you should always check Nordstrom Rack to see wha they have-because they have awesome deals including ones on designer jeans that are perfect for Fall.  Also I just wanted to show how cute my dress was 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Danielle Alana


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