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So a couple blog posts back I said that it was just the beginning of seeing my love for bell sleeves.  I gave you a warning… so don’t say I didn’t!  Today is a blog post fully dedicated to bell sleeve sweaters.  I ordered two of the same kind for Fall and wanted to share with you guys so you could go run out and get them before they get stolen by those early Christmas shoppers!  


I ordered this sweater in two colors because I love it that much!  The first one you probably recognize from my Instagram, because its the sweater I wore to the pumpkin patch with my SoCal Blogger Babes!  You can read about that day here.  I did some pictures with the other sweater though just so I could show you guys the style and also what the lighter version looked like.  I will definitely be wearing this into Spring when it is still cool out (hopefully) so I can wear it in multiple seasons.  It makes it feel that much more worth it! 😉


My favorite thing about these sweaters is that they are super soft and that the bottom isn’t too short or too long!  I feel like sweaters can either have baggy sleeves or a baggy bottom- not both because then that is just too much baggy lol.  Its comfy cozy on the top, party on the sleeves and a classy cut off look that makes it look super fancy.  Make sure to shop these sweaters via Like To Know It on the app or through my blog.  You won’t regret purchasing these babies!  For sizing info, I did order a small which is my normal and they fit perfect.

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