Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

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1.  Cologne is always my go-to gift for guys.  I feel like it is for others too, but it never hurts to buy them one!  Girls love a man who smells good 😉 And I must say, it is pretty fun to pick out cologne and pick out the one that smells the best.

2.  This is something else that a man always needs!  Shaving kits need to be updated frequently in my opinion, because shaving cream and after shave runs out fast.  It is always nice for guys to have a kit that lasts for awhile and is good quality, and to update the brush.  It isn’t good to use the same brush for a long time!

3.  Who doesn’t have chargers? No one!  It is important to keep your headphones, laptop chargers, and everything else with cords organized since they are so delicate.  This is actually on sale right now and you have the option to engrave it!  

4.  So until I went shoe shopping for Tim, I didn’t realize how expensive men’s dress shoes were.  Holy cow!  They are more expensive than half of the shoes I own.  I found these shoes for work on sale at Nordstrom for a decent price, and they come in one other color as well!

5.  I personally want these for myself because my headphones are the original one that always hang in my face when I’m on a walk or working out.  So annoying!  These are a great color for guys and also go around the neck.  These would also fit great into gift item #3!

6.  There are some staples you get for guys that never fail and this is one of them.  Again, another pricey item but it is on sale for a good price!  If your guy has had his wallet for more than a year or two, in my opinion, its time for a new one!

7.  The classic work shirt!  This long sleeve button up comes in bright colors that are perfect for work and go with multiple color pants.  

8.  For the traveler!  These bags last a long time and have a good amount of storage for keeping toiletries and products.  The material is also leather, you can’t go wrong with that!

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  1. 11.22.17

    Love that white collared shirt!

  2. 11.22.17

    Love that white collared shirt!

  3. 11.22.17

    Love that white collared shirt!

  4. 11.22.17

    Love that white collared shirt!

  5. 11.22.17

    Love that white collared shirt!