Holiday Gift Guide: For the Hostess

With Christmas right around the corner, we are all attending SO many Holiday parties.  Your family party, your friend party, your work party, your significant others parties, the list goes on and on.  The question still remains though, what do we get the hostess as a gift?!  So, I decided to do a round up of my favorite gifts to get a hostess, that didn’t just include your generic ideas.  Of course candles are always a good idea, and so is wine, but I think you can do better than that. 😉 If you want to shop this post, either click the numbers corresponding on the gift guide image, OR scroll down after the descriptions to “Shop the Post” through LiketoKnow.It.  Enjoy!

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1. A simple keychain for your hostess is the perfect gift!  For women who like simplicity, this is perfect.  Its a chic look to spice up your keys, and if you click my link you can browse more options.

2.  Ok, so this is random but I went to a holiday party once and this girl brought the hostess a gift for her dog.  I was literally so jealous, like “why didn’t I think of that?”.  I think this is absolutely GENIUS.  If someone brought me a gift for my dog or even a dog toy, I would be so happy.  It is a gift that a lot of people don’t think about, and also after your dog is a couple years old, you don’t think of buying anymore.  So if you want to be outside the box, this is perfect.

3.  Alright, I know I said you can do better than candles, but this is just a given.  If you are going to give a candle as a gift- make sure to buy a good one!  I either go with this brand of candles of B&BW.  

4.  This I think would be put to great use, and it adds a nice touch that you can personalize it with the initial of their last name!  Especially if the hostess is running behind (ha, me) she can use this to set out appetizers on.  😉

5.  THESE MATS. When I have my house, you already know I’ll be ordering multiple for every season, every occasion, every holiday, birthday, BIRTH, you name it I’ll have it.  This makes for the perfect gift for any occasion.  I ordered two of these as Christmas gifts 🙂

6.  This adds a nice touch to any bar cart, and its even cuter with the saying on it! 😉 I don’t drink at all, not because I’m not 21, just because I think it tastes pretty awful.  Don’t tell me I’m the only one in this boat!  Anyways, its pretty average to have a bar cart these days so any accessories for this I think is fun!

7.  This is really, really, REALLY random but this detergent smells like heaven.  I’ve seen so many bloggers talking about it and actually have friends that use it, so when I smelled it I was like, “OMG! I need to have this!”  It is pretty pricey for laundry detergent, I know, but it is worth it.  Once you buy this as a hostess gift, you’ll sell your friend too.

8.  I feel like this one is a given, but a lot of people forget about it!  Who doesn’t love a cozy soft blanket?  I was wandering through Nordstrom the other day and felt this blanket in the home section and almost fell asleep, no joke.  Probably because it was the day after Thanksgiving and I was so stuffed that I was exhausted, but either way, I can assure you it’s comfy.  😉 

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