Holiday Gift Guide: Dear Santa…

Every year, I’m always asking for stuff for Christmas, right before Christmas.  In October, I could tell you thirty things that I’m going to ask for and then December rolls around and I can’t think of anything.  ANYTHING.  Now that I’m a part-time blogger, I do a lot of online shopping and I try to keep up with what everyone is liking and buying!  SO, I decided to do a gift guide for myself of things that I have been eyeing that I would LOVE to have, and also for you guys to see and get ideas for yourself if you’re a beauty and fashion lover like me πŸ˜‰ Here are my picks…

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1) I have ALWAYS wanted these comfy slippers but I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on them.  I totally understand the price because they are a brand name, but bank account just couldn’t handle the pain lol.  This is why I have it as a want for a gift!

2) Everyone has been RAVING about this curling wand because of how amazing it is.  With the curls I’ve seen from girls who use this, I can totally see why.  But when you see the price… it’s a lot!  It is on sale right now (score!) but I think this would be fun to have for the future.  I did ask for another curling iron for Christmas that I know I’m getting (eek!) because it is WAY cheaper and a lot of celebrity stylists use it, so I thought I would give that a try before splurging on this one.  But if someone wanted to spoil me, I wouldn’t mind πŸ˜‰

3) This is a must have for me! This perfume is seriously my signature smell and every time I wear it I get SO many compliments.  You will always find this in my beauty section!

4) I have a robe that I already use for before/after the shower that is super simple to throw on and cheap, (you can shop that HERE) but I couldn’t resist this one with the teddy bear ears on it!  This would definitely be my travel robe if I got it.

5) Just because everyone else has this πŸ˜‰ Pull overs are definitely starting to be a trend again and I am LOVING it!  This is a closet staple, especially the color, and you can pull it out whenever it gets chilly.

6) I carry around a ginormous black bag for work right now that carries everything- my laptop, blog planner, life planner, to-do notebook, emergency kit, and the list goes on.  It is safe to say I’ve been using it for 2 years now, and its starting to rip πŸ™ I need a new bag and I think this would be the perfect replacement!

7)  If you know me, you know these are basically the only sandals I ever wear.  For me to buy another pair that isn’t these I almost feel a little guilty!  I want to add these on to my collection and I’m eyeing these ones next πŸ™‚

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