2018 Goals: Hopes, Dreams & Everything In Between

I know I’m not the only one that is all about this, but starting a new year is just so refreshing.  My mind goes into complete reset mode and those days after Christmas and before the New Years just really get me thinking. I reflect on my year, the good and the bad.  All the people that I have met, but also the friendships that were lost.  All of the memories that make me smile from ear to ear, and the memories that make me tear up.  I do a lot of self reflecting during this time, as does everyone else, so seeing how I can better myself and all aspects of my life really puts me in a good mood.  

Since I have a blog now, I thought it would be fun to share my goals for the year and then look back on this in December of 2018 to see what I accomplished, what changed, and my thoughts/feelings on it.  Here goes nothing…


1.  Be more active.

2.  Finish Postpartum Doula Training.

3.  Say “no” more often.

4.  Grow my blog.

5.  Grow my Instagram.

6.  Attend Church every Sunday that I’m available.

7.  Save $$$

8.  Better self-care.

9.  Wake up early on weekdays, even if I have no work!

10.  Care less.

At the moment, these are my top 10 goals for 2018.  Of course I have more goals, but they are a little more unrealistic.  I’ve noticed that if every year I make my goals far to reach, and ones that take A LOT of work, they usually don’t get done.  So by the time the end of the year comes, I feel almost a little discouraged that nothing was accomplished or something was half accomplished, which drives me crazy!

Using my free time to be active- go to the gym, go on a hike, or even a walk.  I’m finishing my training to be a doula this year so I kinda gave myself a free pass there 😉  Saying no more often, is a HUGE one for me.  I’m someone who needs to have a full schedule, and I honestly couldn’t give you a reason as to why.  Looking at a planner thats empty, or a month that doesn’t have a lot of goals going on, stresses me out.  When I get overly busy, there are SOME days when I wish I was just at home.  But for the most part, I either want to be working or doing something.  I hate the feeling of a wasted day, just like I hate the feeling of a wasted outfit haha.  But besides that, I can’t forget about this of course… BLOGGING.  I would love to see my blog and Instagram skyrocket in 2018.  And yes, I would love to be a blogger/social media influencer for a living.  Who wouldn’t?  I honestly think that every person that starts a blog has that ideal end goal.  Its definitely mine! Besides all the amazing stuff that comes from social media though,  keeping my eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ comes above that, and everything else.  Since my schedule does get crazy, I tend to forget about going to church and I really want to break that habit this year.  I was very good about it in 2015 to mid 2016, and then it started to drop.  Ending the week with Jesus just makes me feel so much better! Another thing that makes me feel good is saving money.  It is always a good thing and never a bad thing!  Because well, life is expensive… and it ain’t gettin’ any cheaper from here!

The last 3 I feel like fall under the same category.  I bet you read the last one and got confused 😉 But when it comes to waking up, I feel like if I sleep in it screws me up for the whole day.  Oversleeping is totally a thing and it gets to me all the time!  I also feel way more organized when waking up early, so I don’t feel completely rushed or sometimes I can finish things before I head out to work which makes me feel less stressed.  Unfortunately though, I did choose a job that is high stress sometimes.  Also a job that requires me to throw myself out the window.  I’ve noticed, especially in the past two months, that my self-care has gone down the drain.  I NEVER get ready anymore unless its for a photoshoot, or even bother to wear an outfit that isn’t workout clothes.  I’m hoping to change this because at the end of the day I feel better about myself when I get ready and I’m a little less careless or particular on things that really at the end of the day don’t matter.  How picture perfect my insta-stories are, how my photos look, what I look like when I’m posting, and pretty much everything that society pressures on you.  Or is all this just me? Ha.

There you have it! My 2018 goals + a little ramble/vent on how I feel about all of it.  Looking back this year though, it was a year filled with new love, new beginnings, new opportunities and new dreams.  But also, I am leaving a few people behind in 2017, as well as bad memories.  Heres to 2018, lets hope this one is one for the books! What are your goals in 2018?


Danielle Alana


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