How I Get My Effortless Curls

This post is finally up, yay!  Life has been crazy the past two weeks, and if you follow my Instagram account (follow HERE if you aren’t already!) you know why because I did a life update on my stories.  But anyways, this post has been highly requested ever since I got my hair done this last week and I am SO excited to share with you guys my routine!  I have used these products for the past 3 weeks and so far I am in love.  On this post you will find everything you need to know about how I style/curl my hair! I am linking my curling iron, and all the products that I use.  Keep reading to get all the details!


I would say consistently I have a list of the top 5 favorite bloggers I love to follow.  One of my top 5’s right now is Courtney Shields! You can read her blog here and follow her on Instagram here.  She has the hair style and length I am aiming for, so once I read her post about all of her hair products I went and bought everything.  So far I love them all!  I’m going to give you a run down of my step by step process, links to everything, and also show photos of the products.

First things first I need something to protect my hair.  Nobody likes damaged ends!  I spray THIS heat protectant spray all around my hair before I start to style this.  It prevents damage and protects your hair.


After that, I go in and start curling with THIS.  My new favorite curling iron!  *insert heart eyes here* I clip my hair up and go layer by layer.  I start at the bottom and then slowly work my way up.  Since my hair is parted down the center, I split my hair up into two sections and then go back and forth between curling each side.  As you can see from the picture, this barrel is pretty big.  its 1 and 1/2 inch, which if you didn’t know the bigger the barrel the loser the curls.  So since it is wide, I grab a handful of hair.  I don’t grab any specific amount, I just keep grabbing sections until it is all done.  I work my way up until I reach the top layer and it is all curled.  

After my hair is curled, I go in with some spray! (Not pictured, I forgot it at home when I took these pics! UGH) THIS hair spray is my new favorite.  It’s not sticky, thick, and it doesn’t feel heavy on your hair.  It’s a light and flexible hold (hence the name), but it still keeps my curls bouncy.  It really does speak volumes about the name of the spray!


So for the most part, that is my basic routine for doing my hair.  If I’m in a rush or have little time, I usually just curl the top layer of my hair and leave the rest of it how it is, so it looks somewhat styled.  Now that you have my basic routine, here is the other products I use for different situations.  If my hair is wet and I just got out of the shower, or if I haven’t washed it, just to name a few.  

For the most part, I wash my hair everyday.  If anything, I go one day without washing it.  When my life is an absolute disaster, I go three days, but never more than that.  Dry shampoo has become my new best friend and I love it mostly because it is super easy to use, AND I found one that actually works.  I have tried a few prior to this that have made me loose hope about the whole idea of it.  But not to fear, my faith in dry shampoo has been restored! 😉 THIS dry shampoo is an absolute game changer.  I’m on my second bottle so far and it has become one of my essentials for sure.

Another product that I use on my hair is texturizing spray.  At first, I did not understand the point of it at all.  My reaction was, “Great.  More junk to add to my hair.”  But after reading into it and watching some YouTube reviews, I think I have it figured it out, so I decided to purchase. THIS is the one I decided to go ahead and try because it has 5 star reviews and they’re 1,000 of them!  So that was a no brainer.  It adds a little bit of weight to your hair and makes it look fuller, so if you are someone with thin hair, I would HIGHLY recommend this!  I only spray this on my mid-section to my ends, and play with my hair while doing it so it gets in everywhere.  

TIP: If you need something to hold your hair up but don’t want it to leave crease marks, I use THESE hair ties and they’re life savers!


Now lets talk about the curling iron.  I’ve been looking for about a year for a curling iron that will give me loose, beachy, effortless waves, but also one that won’t break the bank.  I’ve plenty of amazing reviews about the T3 one, but that one is way out of my price range.  I was starting to give up and I was going to give into buying it, until I found this gem.  Its under $100 (say what?!) and it does the job perfectly.  The price point caught my eye originally, but also the work I saw done with it.  If you follow Hair by Chrissy on Instagram, (follow her here) you’ve probably seen the flawless curls that she has done and how amazing her clients look after!  After I saw the work done with it, with no hesitations I bought it.  You can buy it HERE if you’re interested.  Or, you can shop the post!  As always, comment any questions or DM me!  I will be doing a video tutorial today on my insta stories how I do it, and also will be adding it to my highlights so you can watch it anytime you want.  


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