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I’ve been meaning to share this post with you guys for awhile now but this one is kinda long so it took awhile!  Grab some snacks and get ready to read, because this is exactly what it is titled: my everyday make-up routine.

Ok so I don’t do this everyday, but in all my photoshoots and whenever I don’t look homeless, this is my routine.  First thing I do is moisturize my lips with Kiehl’s Butter Stick.  Tim’s cousin recommended this to me and I am obsessed so far!  My lips seriously feel like butter (lol) and I apply it once a day and my lips are good to go!

First, I prime my face with THIS.  I got this in a little kit for earning a bunch of points at Sephora, and so far I love it!  It does a really great job at making your face matte and evening your skin tone.  I just rub this in with the tips of my fingers and apply to my whole face.  I make sure it is even before moving on.

Next, I go in with the best foundation ever.  Seriously you guys.  If you have oily or acne prone skin and need a full coverage foundation, this is it.  I have been looking for the perfect one for years and haven’t been able to find one until my favorite blogger ever (Emily Ann Gemma) talked about this and I was sold.  We pretty much have the same skin so I trusted her review!  I apply this with my favorite foundation brush ever.


After foundation, I apply concealer to my dark circles (under eyes lol) and around my nose area.  I  blend it in with THIS blender because I believe it is WAY better than the actual original beauty blender.  Sometimes I damp it if I want a heavy more full look for a full-face, but if not I leave it dry.  Seriously though, I don’t know but I think the beauty blender is awful!  I’ve tried it twice and both times I have thrown it away after the first use.

After going in with foundation and concealer, I “bake” my under eye area with THIS setting powder.  After hearing about it from a million different beauty gurus, I finally just went and bought it.  So far I don’t get regret it!  I think it works amazing and I LOVE how it lightens my under eyes.  I apply this with the same blender.


After letting the powder “bake” I dust it off with a big fluffy brush and then go in with the same setting powder and dust the rest of my face so it can set but it isn’t as heavy as my under eyes.  Any fluffy brush will work for this!  And I just use the translucent color.

After setting my face with powder I go in and draw my brows with my favorite brow pen.  Sometimes I set them with a brow gel, but this step is a hit and miss with me.  I don’t do it all the time!  

After doing my brows, I go in and contour my face.  I know, I totally do my make-up out of order, no need to tell me lol.  I’m actually on the hunt for a high-end bronzer right now, but for now THIS one has been doing the job.  Until I find one, I’ll be using this one!  I contour my cheeks, nose, and the edges around my face using THIS brush.

Once I finish contouring my face, I go in with blush.  I just bought this one and so far I’m loving it.  It is definitely on the pricy side for one blush, but I think it’s worth it!  + I’ve heard it lasts a long time.  I always use a tiny version of my powder brush, which you can shop HERE.

Once I apply some blush to my cheeks, I go in and highlight!  Depending on how I’m feeling, sometimes I will just do the top of cheeks but if I am going all out I do the top of my nose and cupid’s bow.  This I think is my favorite step besides contouring!  I always make sure to use my fan brush for this step.

Then lastly I do my eyes.  If I have extra time I’ll do my eyes first, but when I am in a hurry sometimes I just don’t have time so I leave them only with mascara.  I only use two eyeshadows on my eyes, I use THIS transitional color for my crease and then I put on THIS glitter color on my lid.  For my eyes I just use a crease brush from MAC and then I blend my glitter in with my finger or the applicator that it comes with.  If I’m in a real hurry, I just use one of the colors from my bronzer pallet and I dust is over my eye lids with the same crease brush.

This step is optional.  I don’t always do this one, I think it depends how I feel or if I’m in a rush.  But since this is my full-face routine I’ll add everything.  For my top eyeliner I use a liquid liner and for my water line I go in with a eye kohl that works REALLY well.

Last but not least, lashes.  I’m not kidding when I say I use almost 6 different mascaras every time.    Anything to get my lashes long without using fake ones, I’m doing it!  I always make sure to prime my lashes though before going in with a regular mascara, because I feel like it makes them more thick and longer.  I usually apply 2-3 coats every time.  Then I go in with regular mascara.  The mascara that I use every time is the L’oreal white primer and the Voluminous Carbon Black.  Those are definitely my ride or die mascaras!  You can buy these from CVS or Target. (UPDATE- I NOW HAVE LASH EXTENSIONS. BUT I STILL RECOMMEND THIS FOR EYELASHES.)

After I finish my make-up, I go with setting spray to help it last longer and give it a more matte finish.  


That’s it!  This is my everyday make-up routine.  Like I said, I don’t where make-up everyday, but when I do, this is what I’m wearing!  In case the links got a little too confusing for you, I’m linking all of my products by category right here:





























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