NYFW Day 3

I’m not going to lie…at this point, I was pretty ready to come home.  With being a blogger comes A LOT of work, and we were running around each day with barely any breaks.  BUT, also with blogging comes a lot of fun, memorable, happy times, that makes ALL of the hard work SO worth it.  Anyways, let’s get started!


We left the hotel with none of our makeup being done, which felt so weird! But that was our first stop, and in case you didn’t know getting my makeup done is one of my favorite things.  Not to mention how sweet my makeup artist was!  You could tell she was experienced, and knew exactly what she was doing, which made me feel confident in how I felt and looked.  She nailed the look I asked for and I HIGHLY recommend her and Pucker if you are ever in the area.  Better yet, I have a discount code *screams*! Use code “SOCAL10” to get $10 off your first makeup appointment when booking with them. 


After getting all dolled up, we were photo ready!  We met Christian in Union Square Park for a photoshoot. Even though Sydney is my #1, its always fun meeting new photographers and shooting with them.  It definitely expands both parties experience, and the fact that we were in New York, it added a whole new vibe! The group shots, were without a doubt, my favorite ones from the shoot. I thought and felt that we looked cool (haha) while posing and then getting the pictures back just confirmed my feelings. Ha!


My favorite part of any day…eating.  We rolled in for a late lunch at Mamo.  I realized at this point that all of our food choices and hosted dinners were mostly Italian, and thats why our food was so delicious! New York seriously has the best pizza EVER and I can’t wait to go back for more.  Not to mention their pasta, that was delicious as well.  Even though I’m such a plain jane when it comes to food, angel hair pasta and red sauce just does the trick for me! We all loved our plates though, and are definitely putting Mamo down on our itinerary for next time.

The next half of the afternoon Sydney and I spent in the hotel, and we actually decided to watch Bride Wars since she never has.  Now that she’s seen it, she’ll agree with me that it is the cutest movie ever.  Hands down.  After our movie break we attended the Mac Duggal show, and even though I watched it from outside (New York traffic UGH) I feel confident in saying that the show was phenomenal and i though the gowns that they showcased were stunning!

To wrap up our day, we went to a local restaurant and met up with a few other fashion bloggers for dinner and long story short, we had more good conversation and yummy food.  What else could a girl ask for!

I loved my outfit for Day 3 because my layers were extra warm, so I only had to have 3 and I was able to survive.  I loved that my outfit looked like it was effortless, and also that it was cute 😉 Grey and black together are pretty plain colors so I decided to add my cheetah heeled boots to this and it totally made it pop! You can shop my outfit below via “Shop the Post”. Thanks so much for reading!


Danielle Alana

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