February Favorites

I thought I would start a “favorites” series where I post my favorite items of the month- sharing my true loves.  It’ll vary every month- some will be fashion faves, some beauty, both, or more lifestyle.  OR you can get a combination of everything.  It just depends on what I’m loving! 😉 Here are my first set of favorites for the year…

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1.  Wedges in my opinion became a total hit last Spring, but I didn’t hop on the band wagon because I wasn’t sure they would still be popular this season.  I am so happy to say that they are still a HUGE trend this year (again) and now I can finally hop on!  These wedges in particular are going for a great price- under $100! 

2.  Another great steal!  This dress is under $100 and comes in 7 different colors. SEVEN. I picked the lilac color because I thought it was gorgeous and is perfect for brunch with the girls or Easter! Plus, it can totally be worn into summer.

3.  This bag is another item I thought wouldn’t be popular.  I saw everyone on social media with  cute straw bag, but all the ones I wanted were priced high.  I decided to wait until this season, an they luckily came back too!  The one I REALLY WANT is sold out right now, but this has great reviews and is on sale for $32.

4.  Basic tees are always my go to when it comes to running errands or even going out for a day.  I love pairing them with a pair of ripped jeans or cut offs, and slipping on my Tory’s or a cute paid of slide-ons.  These are 40% off and I ordered them in more than one color.

5.  THIS. I have been looking for a chambray romper for what feels like years at this point, and I finally found THE one. Its on sale also, steal it before it sells out! 

6.  A girls best friend, lip gloss.  I ordered this color “Snob” awhile ago and I bring it pretty much everywhere I go, because its a color that goes with everything and will never get old!

7.  Highlighter!  I truly believe Anastasia has the best highlighters, but maybe thats because I refuse to try any others!  Its at a great price point because you get 4 colors for the price of one at some places.  The bottom right is my favorite but i’ll probably transition to the others when summer comes.

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Danielle Alana

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  1. 3.5.18
    Loretta said:

    Danielle, I have seen you grow into a beautiful young lady!❤️
    I LOVE seeing all these awesome post & ideas from you! Xoxox😘

    • 3.8.18

      Thank you so much, Lala! You’re one of my favorite people ever. Thank you for supporting me 100% of the time!

  2. 3.5.18
    Kayla Spratte said:

    I love following your blog and Instagram page because I love everything you post from fashion tips to beauty tips to travel tips. I remember 3 semesters ago in math you told me about getting your blog up and running and now it’s up and it’s amazing. I’m so proud of you! And I think it’s cool we stay in touch still even after class has ended 😘 I love your page and can’t wait for many for the awesome post! ❤️

    • 3.8.18

      Haha Kayla! Oh my gosh that feels like so long ago. I’m so glad we are still connected and that you love my blog! It means the world! XO

  3. 3.5.18
    Jessi Sonnenberg said:

    I just started following you but I really like the clothing suggestions that you have, and they’re affordable!

    • 3.8.18

      Thank you so much! I try to get to affordable price points for everyone. Thanks for noticing 🙂

  4. 3.5.18
    Kasey Hickey said:

    Love your blog and insta, Danielle! Beautiful style and pictures. 💕

  5. 3.5.18
    Haleigh said:

    I love your style! Thanks for keeping me up to date !

  6. 3.5.18
    Kara said:

    Love your posts and thanks for all the tips and great blog too!!!!

  7. 3.5.18
    Tania Elizabet Sinzu said:

    Danielle happy Blogiversary! I started Following you a few month ago because i have been wanting to start a blog myself and i love what you do with yours. It’s inspiring and i love happy attitude. I am A nanny/postpartum doula, i live in LA, Im 24, faith and family are everything and i love anything beauty/fashion so your blog is so relatable. Plus you take the cutest pictures!

    • 3.8.18

      Oh Tania! You have no idea how happy reading your comment made me. I love that you can relate to the stuff that I post, that makes me feel really good! Thank you so much! 🙂

  8. 3.8.18

    So very proud of the beautiful young woman you’re growing into. I remember when I babysat you when you were little! I loved being a nanny & love watching you do what you love. It’s so fun seeing your posts & love being in the know about new, cute products & outfits. I especially liked this blog about your Feb faves. Keep up the good work, Danielle! Can’t wait to see where you take us on your life adventure! Happy blogiversary! XOXO

    • 3.15.18

      Jamie- thank you so much for the kind words! It’s been an honor getting to know you my whole life 😉 and growing up with you has been so fun! I’ll never forget our working days together.