Happy Mother’s Day | 2018




Happy Mother’s Day! To every soon to be mama, new mom, empty nester mom, and every mom in between, this day is to celebrate YOU. Over the years of being on social media, I’ve noticed people either tweet or make statuses about how mom’s should be loved, celebrated and cherished everyday and not just on mother’s day. I don’t disagree with this, I 100% agree. But isn’t so fun that Mom’s-one of the most important groups of people in the world (in my opinion) get a whole day just to celebrate the fact that they are a mother. What does that mean? They have either birthed or taken in a tiny human- to raise, love and navigate through life.  They are what makes the world go round. So yes, heres to celebrating mom’s everyday of the year, and also EXTRA on their very special Mother’s Day.

Every Mother’s Day is always special, but this year is extra special! My mom and I were able to partner with Mantra Band, the bracelets that are personalized or pre-made just for your taste! Also, another jewelry brand I love is Gorjana. I was invited to their Laguna Beach location to celebrate the launch of their new line Be Spoke. They now do custom engravings and I chose to get a rose gold necklace to match my other Gorjana necklace! I engraved with my name and blog name, Danielle Alana, to remind me how lucky I am to have this personal space where I can share things that I love. Both of these brands are sold at Nordstrom and get an A+ from me! 


Now, a letter to my Mama. 

Mom, I’m not sure how you do it all. But what I do know is, is that God gifted you with an unlimited amount of strength.  They say God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, and if that is the case then you are General.  Sergeant, Major, Captain, Leader of it all.  You embrace every hardship with a strong mindset and one that never, EVER gives up.  A mindset that  takes nothing less than perfection.  When I think of you, Mom, these are the words that come to my mind.  Loving, hard working, kind, approachable, determined, gentle, easy-going, nurturing, supportive, patient, giving, understanding…but most of all, selfless. Thank you for giving me the best example of what a mother is and should be. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be able to live up to your standards when my time comes.  But I hope, and know, that when times get tough for me during motherhood, that I’ll ask myself- “How did she do this?” But these standards, of the bar being so high and you being so selfless, I believe is how it was meant to be.  Nobody can reach those, and you’ve been told so.  You are far more precious than rubies, and any treasure on this planet.  You are one of God’s most treasured, valuable pieces.  And I know so, because… When you thought I wasn’t looking I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend in need, and I learned what sisterly love was. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw how you handled responsiblities even when you didn’t feel good, and I learned what it meant to be fierce. When you thought I wasn’t listening, I heard you pray over me and kiss me goodnight, and I felt loved and safe. I’ve observed you, watched you, spied on you, and admired you for 20 years now.  

Thank you for all the things I saw, when you thought I wasn’t looking.  I love you so much.




Danielle Alana


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