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For years now, ok maybe just months, I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been able to find my go to routine.  I kept using products I didn’t like, and not feeling comfortable with my look. I tried the top liner, along with eyeliner on my water line.  Hated it.  Which I’m kind of salty about–not going to lie! I wish it looked good on me but every time I try it I feel it looks too heavy and I also look kind of scary lol! The last time I tried a wing liner I hated it, and felt that it didn’t match me or my personality either.  I had a day where I was willing to explore with my look and I decided to try a winged liner look again, and was pleasantly impressed. I almost questioned myself like, why haven’t I been doing this before? Probably because last time I did it I was in high school and I did it WAY to thick. #truestory Anyways, I’ve been using this look for awhile now and finally feel that I have a signature look- at least for now! These products I’ve been using for weeks and I think they really work. Especially since getting my lash extensions off, I’ve been using a new mascara that I also wanted to share.  



THIS liner is so far my tried and true.  I went on to try Sex Kitten by Tarte, and I was not impressed. I had the biggest black line smear on my eyelid after only a couple hours of wearing it, and I know for a fact it wasn’t from my mascara. I had some sweat from mascara coming off on my eyelids like we all do, and then on top of that a black thick line. Nope! THIS black liner, the one I use everyday, I LOVE and it would never do that to me. What I love most is that it has the most precise tip making it really easy to a wing, or a simple line. What is it about us girls that we need a black thick line to make us look better?! Lol!



If you didn’t already know this, I got eyelash extensions a couple of months ago and was not a fan.  If you want to read my review, click HERE. Anyways, after getting them off I felt my lashes were way thinner than before and also I didn’t have as much.  I used drug store mascaras before, which were the L’Oreal voluminous mascara and primer– and I still highly recommend both of those.  But I was in the mood to try high end mascara and primer, so I went with THIS primer and THIS mascara.  Both had such good reviews and I’m in love! I feel that the primer is way less thick than the drug store, which makes my mascara go on smoother.  Depending on how you like your mascara to look, I think it is very thick. But for me- its perfect.  I like mine long and as thick as possible, so for me its a match made in heaven.  If you don’t like yours like that, don’t worry! This could still be your fave! I use one coat when I’m doing a more lighter make-up look and when I’m doing a full face I do multiple coats. That right there is a huge plus for me, basically being able to dress it up and down! 


So, I’m not a huge eye shadow person overall- but I’m trying to get more into it.  I’ve been putting THIS eyeshadow in the shade “Camel” in my crease and it’s been working for me! Keep in mind that I have an olive skin tone. A tip that I heard through one of my favorite bloggers, Courtney Shields, is that if you’re on a budget and don’t want to buy a shadow, use your bronzer.  You see, this eyeshadow, takes some effort to blend in my opinion. So on days when I’m more lazy, but I still want some color on my lid, I just use my bronzer which is super easy to blend.  To shop my bronzer, click HERE. Under $6. 

This exact eye look is what I’ve been wearing lately and I’ve been getting a couple questions so I wanted to share with you all! If you have any questions at all, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to answer.  Stay tuned for my Instagram Stories and I’ll be doing a tiny tutorial.  


Danielle Alana

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