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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE reading what products people use to take care of their skin.  Do they use drugstore finds? Do they buy it at Sephora? Nordstrom? Do they spend $500? Watcha doin’? So this for me is fun to write, especially because I just found a new skin care line that I’m loving, which if you watch my stories on Instagram (you can follow me here), you know what company I’m talking about! Low and behold, my new skincare products…


These are the main skincare products I have been using and I am nothing short of being in love! Mostly because I have gotten so many compliments on my skin now then I have in years.  In high school, my acne got to the point where it was kind of out of control, so I went on Accutane.  When on this drug, you can have no broken bones because it prevents healing.  Weird right? Well, guess who broke their foot while on the medication?! This girl. So I had to stop half way through being on it, which was SO annoying, but luckily I got to go on it again and I was able to finish the whole round and my skin has been good ever since.  It’s not perfect, nope.  I still have blackheads unfortunately and my skin texture is not how I want it, but its way better then it was before.  So, when I started using TULA I was really excited because I feel that my skin has gotten so much smoother since then which is exactly what I wanted! Other than Tula though, I do use one other product in my routine that I cannot live with out.  I’m going to go through every product I use and why you need it in your life. Let’s get started!

THIS is apart of my night routine when I wear makeup.  This is a GAME CHANGER. Before I used this, I would just scrub my face with wipes and then go to bed with skin burning. What else was I supposed to do?! Go to bed with makeup? My skin wasn’t super irritated by any means, but after rubbing it for minutes I would get the burning sensation which I just lived with. Ever since finding this, I use this loosen my makeup off so I don’t have to do as much scrubbing. Everybody uses this product differently, but for me I rub it in thoroughly all over and then use a makeup wipe to wipe it all off- in just one wipe.  #win


After taking my makeup off, or if I didn’t wear any that day, I wash my face with this cleanser.  This face wash is amazing! I think some people dislike strong smells of face washes and this one has a scent of nothing, which is a nice change for me.  I usually use products that are heavy with perfumes and I think my skin is thanking me for using a product that is pure and contains probiotics.  After washing, my skin feels squeaky clean and it feels healthy (if thats possible. lol.)


Toner is what I use next! I usually use cotton pads but recently I’ve been out, so I use cotton balls instead. I never really understood what the purpose of toner was.  I used a drug store version for awhile and I didn’t understand…like ok, another step in my routine, what did that do? It felt like rubbing water all over my face, if we’re being honest. After doing research, using toner is best for people with oily or acne-prone skin. It gives an extra cleanse, which I have noticed with this Tula toner. I looked at my cotton pad one night and realized there was some residue (either makeup or dirt) that was left over that didn’t all get out from washing my face. So once this happened to me for the first time, I realized using a toner was a must.  


My final step is my moisturizer. In the morning I use it as a primer, for sure! I currently don’t have one because I haven’t had the time to go run out and get one. So for now this moisturizer works! It is an aqua (water) moisturizer but definitely doesn’t feel like it. It has a creamy feel that makes my skin feel hydrated and works at night when I’m going to bed.  If I don’t use this, I usually do their face mask which is a game changer. My favorite part is the glow it gives you haha my girly side loves it. Besides the way it looks though, I love going to bed with the leftovers on my skin because the next morning my skin feels like a baby bum! 


On a normal night and morning, these are the steps I take to get clean skin. Some nights of the week though, I will either do a face mask or a use their exfoliating pads. The mask has several pros.  One, when you put it on it has this iridescence glow to it so your skin looks like a highlight.  LOVE. The second pro to me is I can feel it working. Theres a difference between a good sting and a hard sting, if you know what I mean.  I’ve gotten a chemical peel before and those BURN. This has a tingly feeling to it for me when I put it on, but in my opinion its the good kind. That’s how I know it is working! If I don’t do the mask though, TULA sent me some exfoliating pads that I will use instead.  I used these for the first time and my jaw literally dropped.  It gets all the dead skin off, and you guys…I was disgusted by how much of my dead skin came off! I was grossed out beyond belief and am just thinking about it. I love this one too because I’ve never seen an exfoliating tool do such a good job, with results. I was able to watch layers of skin come off, that was a first! 

Keep watching my Instagram stories this week, I will be doing a Tula giveaway! It will be on my feed but also chit chatting on my stories, per usual. Stay tuned!


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