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Eek! I’ve been so excited for this post you guys have no idea.  Today I’m sharing all about how I organize my life! What planner I use, the stickers I use and also the routine I try to stick with.  i sometimes get made fun of that I use a planner because who uses them anymore?! A lot of people these days use their phone calendars, which I totally get–but I’m on my phone WAY too much as it is.  I sometimes have to stop myself when I realize I’m aimlessly messing around..oops!

My dream planner, my life, my world,…the Erin Condren planner.  This is my third year ordering this planner and I always get the biggest smile on my face when it comes to my door.  The packaging is always so happy and bright, and for whatever reason that makes me super motivated! Here is a list of my favorite things about the Erin Condren Lifeplanner


-Cute designs to choose from! Plus, you can’t just have one cover…they are removable and I switch mine out every so often.  Just snap them off and on!

-Motivational Quotes throughout your entire planner.  It adds a little something extra and makes it that much cuter! These are found in between the months along with the months being different color tabs.  Don’t like that? Choose the colorless version! This makes your planner neutral and everything the same (boring!). I totally get it though, for some people the color is just too much,

-Storage space! In the back of every Lifeplanner comes a pouch.  If you are a receipt saver, this is perfect for you.  It also holds a perpetual calendar…more planning, yay!

-STICKERS! So cute.  It’s always nice to get free stickers, am I right? Not to mention they are cute.  I always use mine and they are usually gone within my first month of having the planner haha.

-Design it how you want it! You have multiple layout options to choose from, depending how you like it. There is an hourly version, horizontal, and also vertical.  After years of trying different ones I go back to the horizontal–hands down the best one in my opinion.

-Notes pages. This is a HUGE plus for me.  I like writing things down and am a very visual person, if you couldn’t tell that already haha! About 50 pages comes with your planner and I always use these either make to-do lists, need to write something down really quick, etc.


-The planner is about the size of a normal notebook.  When I first got the Erin Condren planner they made a bigger version, which was the size of an actual notebook that you would use for school.  I really liked that one a lot better, just because I feel like I had more space to write things down in the days and also on the monthly part.  They don’t make this size anymore, so it really bums me out!

-Ok, this is kind of just me complaining now…but, some designs you choose from for the cover are set in their colors.  Others you are allowed to mess with the colors.  Sometimes I get bummed when I can’t change it to how I like, so it ruins that cover for me.  I really do LOVE this cover though (the one I have pictured on). It is my favorite by far.

Now to the fun part…stickers!



The Productivity Sticker Book

I am a total mom if you know me.  Even though I don’t have any kids, ha! I run a very strict schedule and I also kind of act like a mom. First of all, I’m a nanny.  I’m constantly taking care of little ones and doing activities. Besides that, running my errands and also my side businesses which are oils and my blog. And then trying to maintain my relationship, volunteer and give back to my community, keep up with girlfriends, also family time…the list just goes on. The Productivity sticker pad is a must for me! The reason I call it the “mom” sticker pad is because I feel like it has a lot to do with your average boss mom. It has motivational stickers, appointment stickers, coffee dates, project deadlines, weekends, everything you can think of. If I had to choose one pad this would be mine since it covers everything I want and need.

Season Stickers

So when you buy this one, it doesn’t actually say season stickers it just says stickers. I categorized it as this because when you flip through it goes with all the seasons.  There is Christmas, Spring, Halloween, Fall, and then here and there little signs and stuff. I LOVE this one because besides my productivity ones, these are to keep me motivated with the season and to help get into whatever holiday spirit I need to be in. For example, the Summer section has sayings like “Picnic in the Park” and “Have a BBQ”. I take these as friendly reminders of things that revolve around the season to remind me that I should be enjoying life!


I love sticking with a routine, because I feel it totally helps me be more organized and also makes my day smoother.  I’m not going to lie though, lately this has been a major struggle of mine. Life has been a rollercoaster and I’ve fall out of a lot of my habits. But, I’m trying hard to get back into them and I’m hoping that talking about this will motivate me, lol! 

So what should be done, on the weekly in my opinion is…doing your laundry, washing your sheets,  your bathe towels and also grocery shopping.  To make all of this less stressful on myself, I plan day for everything and it helps spread it out.  For example, this is what a normal week would like before I fell off the organized train…

MONDAY- Laundry. TUESDAY- Grocery Shopping. WEDNESDAY- Wash Sheets. THURSDAY- Wash towels. FRIDAY- Relax.

So my advice to you, for keeping an orderly fashion for everything, is doing one thing a day. Of course theres more that we all do, but for the average person this is normal. Some people like to pile it up in one day, but I say no thanks! I’m too busy to get everything done like that so this works better for me. 

For now, this wraps up how I stay organized! If you guys like this post I’ll make sure to keep them coming. Keep in mind also, that when you buy these stickers these are supposed to go with the Happy Planner. You’ll see it on the label and when I saw it I was like uh-oh, they won’t work! No worries. Regardless of what planner you have, these are a MUST and I love them. Over on my Insta-Stories today I’ll be sharing inside my planner and what it looks like, along with how I organize my stickers and everything! Thanks for reading šŸ™‚


Danielle Alana

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