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 Another skin care blog post, coming at ya! This will probably be the last one, for awhile anyways. I’ve been over my skin care routine (read HERE), how I take my makeup off (read HERE), now I’m going to talk about the treatments that I get done at Skin Laundry, along with a review and step by step pictures! This is going to be a long one so let’s jump in.


Being an Orange County girl, I go to Fashion Island all the time! Growing up I would always go there to walk around, get something to eat, shop, and hangout with friends.  I noticed a Skin Laundry had been put in to Fashion Island and was stoked! I had originally heard about them through Sephora since they sell their skin care line, so when I was invited in to try a facial I was STOKED! I’ve had some experiences with facials, and all of them haven’t been the best.  I was pleasantly surprised after attending Skin Laundry for the first time that I could go back and not be scared! The facial was (somewhat) painless, and fast–which is what I need for my schedule.


When walking into Skin Laundry, you’ll be greeted by the front desk ladies who are so sweet! Keep in mind they run a VERY strict schedule, so be on time! You check in using the iPad at the front, and then if you are wearing makeup you get your skin ready.  They have a makeup remover wipe for you, face cleanser, and everything you need to prep your skin before getting a facial.  If this is your first time at Skin Laundry, your first facial is free.







After your skin is prepped for your facial, you are taken back into a room.  One of the front desk ladies will do another wipe down of your skin to make sure it is super clean before getting started.  She also pulls your hair back for you so you don’t have to worry about it! Then your RN will come in to go over some things.  When you check in, they ask you questions on the iPad like what are you hoping to accomplish with your skin, health history, and other standard inquiries. Once you go over that, it’s time to get started! 


You first start with the laser, and then move on to the light. My only complaint for the facial is that the laser is hot, and the light is SUPER bright. Other than that, I get instant results and theres no down time.  Which is the best part for me, personally! I don’t have time to “recover” and when I’m done here I immediately continue on with my day. Some of the benefits of receiving this facial that you can see right away are that your skin is softer, brighter, and more radiant.  That was the first thing I noticed! Along with that though, your skin feels CLEAN. The texture of it is smooth, so I can tell all dirt and bacteria has been completely removed. With that being said, your skin gets deeply cleaned, it feels refreshed, and your skin feels nourished.  Win win!






In and out in 15 minutes. DONE. Best part? If you didn’t like it, don’t feel bad because you don’t have to pay for it. If you loved it (which you will) book your next appointment! A single facial is only $65, which I would say is either average or less than most places.  If you want to continue with facials from them, they do offer package deals which helps too.  The bundles they offer help you save money, and you can even join the Laundry Club! Which is basically a monthly membership.  Click HERE to learn more about pricing.

I get asked if I have seen results with these facials, and the answer is yes. But like with any other thing, if you want results you need to stay consistent.  Going here once and getting a facial will be nice, but you won’t see consistent results. It’ll feel good on your skin but then you need to go back for another one! If you guys have any questions on the process of the facial, results, pricing, or anything, you know how to find me!


Danielle Alana

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