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Woo! Vacay is HERE! This weekend Tim and I leave for a cruise to Mexico with Tim’s (almost) ENTIRE family.  Cousins, aunts, uncles, the whole gang will be there and I’m so excited! It’s been over 5 years since I’ve been on a cruise so I’m more than ready to experience one again. I thought I would throw together a blog post to give you sneak peaks of what I’m wearing this weekend to give you guys a heads up because I already know a lot of it is going to go fast.  Make sure you are following me in the LIKEtoKnowIT App to get instant details of what I’m shopping and wearing. Not only that, but there is also some travel tips and tricks I have up my sleeves, along with my must haves that I’m bringing!


I’ve never been one to bring a lot of accessories on trips, but ever since I got into blogging I’ve been all about it.  I use THIS bag to store my makeup and toiletries, THIS bag to store my hair tools, THIS bag to store my jewelry, and THIS bag to hold my chargers. All of these things help me stay organized and have made the world of a difference for me.  Things don’t get lost or broken, which was a huge problem for me before.

As far as packing goes, a tough thing that I’ve found is packing hats.  What I do now that makes it simple with no extra hassle is stuffing things in (like scarves, underwear, socks, etc.) to make it full and not have the form of it be ruined. I usually keep them at the bottom of my suitcase because that helps a lot. 

When I’m going on a huge trip, like longer than 3 days, I try to make as much room in my suitcase as possible. I can overpack (especially now) and I don’t like getting charged for having a heavier suitcase (haha). To create more space, I usually end up rolling up my clothes that can be rolled up.  For example, bathing suits, pajamas, underwear, stuff that I don’t necessarily care about getting wrinkled. You would think this is common sense (am I right?), but I show some friends this hack and they’re like “oh, I didn’t even think of that!” 

Another thing I have been doing for my whole life, is keeping the important things with me. I’ve been on one too many delays, and gotten my luggage lost more than once.  I learned my lesson the first time that it is important to keep things like toiletries, an extra pair of clothes, important paperwork, and other things that are important to you.  I usually keep all of that with me, and then on top of that makeup, pens, feminine (even if I’m not on it, you never know), and all my chargers and electronics with me. And of course wallet and phone!






How adorable is that tank?! It’s from Shop Checka and I live for the beachy travel look! Linked below is mostly everything I’m bringing for the trip! Including new buys, the products I mentioned in my travel hacks, and some old(er) things that you can still buy.  Unfortunately my bag and romper is sold out though. Let me know if you have any questions as always– and I can’t wait to bring you along the trip! But first… NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!


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