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My second favorite thing to buy at Nordstrom that ties with shoes… beauty products! But before I jump in, I want to quickly say how nice it was to have a break from blogging- but also how much I missed it! In case you missed it, Tim and I left on our first trip out of the six we are taking this summer.  We went on a four day cruise to Ensenada with Tim’s entire family and had a blast! But with every trip comes a few bumps in the road.  I felt not so hot on Saturday and Tim wasn’t feeling good on Sunday night.  Not only that, but we didn’t get into our bathing suits once! You would figure since you are going on a cruise in the middle of July, the weather should be fabulous, right? Well, I learned my lesson.  I only packed swimsuits and summer clothes and was basically freezing the entire time. It was cloudy, cold (to my standards), and also over cast! The majority of our time though was spent going to shows, drinking, gambling, and eating…definitely a booze cruise if you ask me! But note to self: CHECK THE WEATHER!

Back to the blog post though, ha! I shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale the day it went open to cardholders which was the 12th, and I spent so much time looking at clothes and shoes that I was there for 5 hours and I barely got that done.  So, with that being said I didn’t have any time to go through accessories, or the beauty department.  I personally am not a Nordstrom cardholder but my God Mother is– shout out to Colleen! So that’s how I was able to shop it.  The sale opens to the public on the 20th, so I thought I would share everything I’ve heard positive reviews on and also plan on shopping come the 20th.  

Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Pink Lipstick Set– I’ve heard so many good things about the Charlotte Tilbury line that I feel like now is the time to try! I’ve personally only tried there blush out but that was life changing- so I’m hoping their lipstick will win me over too. It’s pretty hard to impress me when it comes to this stuff, because I feel like EVERYTHING I try is constantly drying me out and making my lips cracky- which is NOT cute!

MAC Nude Lip Trio– I own several MAC lipsticks and their formulas are one of my favorites. My favorite thing is probably that it looks really good in pictures, which I take a lot of.  I’m more of a nude color girl and I stay away from the bright colors, so this is a great steal if you are wanting to build up your lip collection.

Slip Silk Pillow Case– NEED. I currently use their slip silk night mask when I sleep and I think it’s made a difference in how I wake up in the morning! My dark circles (which are pretty bad), look more plump and my skin is also baby soft.  It’s nice to wake up feeling ready to go and not with major bed head! So these pillow cases are on my list, because I think it would do wonders for my hair too.  Keeping curls in, less dead ends, and not waking up with a rats nest.  Sign me up!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo– These are my ride or die brow products! The only thing I have ever used to fill them in or tame them.  Since this is an everyday essential for me, I’ll be taking advantage of the sale to stalk up!

T3 Hair Dryer– So I technically don’t own a hair dryer of my own.  Since I’m still at home for another year, I thought I should probably use the sale to get a hair dryer since I won’t be able to steal my mom’s or sister’s when I move out, ha! I’ve always wanted a nice hair dryer or a more fancy type, and the brand T3 has truly made a name for themselves. Everything is rated 5 stars so this is high on my priority list.

Laura Mercier Prime & Perfect Set– Another everyday use of mine.  This product got SO popular that I hopped on the train a little late, but thank goodness I didn’t miss it! I set my under eye concealer with this every time I wear my makeup, and if I don’t its literally melting off my face. I’m still on my first one but snagging it while its on sale!

Bobbi Brown Mini Glow Set– Who doesn’t love a pretty highlight?! This baby shimmer brick will go fast- because its at such a good price! I really want to get the HourGlass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette but, its a little  more on the pricier side for my liking.  Since I already have a highlight palette, this will just be something fun I’m throwing in!

Impressions Vanity Co. Lighting Duo– I won’t be buying this, but its because I already have it! If you were on the edge of getting this last year I would recommend buying it while its on sale.  They sell out pretty much every time they hit the store, and if you’re someone who loves makeup you’re going to want the compact mirror as well. 

Woo! SO many of my favorites are on sale and I know a lot of these will sell out in a flash. Especially if you are shopping online, don’t waste anytime.  Get what you need and go! But remember…everything in this blog post you can shop directly! All the names of the products which are located next to the description are in pink.  That means you can click on them! Come back to Danielle Alana to do your shopping and click on every product you are interested in, that way you don’t forget about anything. I also put a carousel under here which you can scroll through and click on those to shop, if thats easier for some.

And of course, always keeping it real.  By shopping through my links, you are using affiliate links.  This does not make any of the products more expensive, it just gives me credit for you guys shopping “from me”. I really appreciate those of you who shop through my links and the LikeToKnow.IT App, it truly means the world.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment, email, DM, or whatever is easiest.  I’m here to answer any and all questions.


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