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Fall is officially here and I’m more in the mood to do fun lip colors every now and then, so I’ve done some hunting! Only sticking to my top 3 favorite brands though, duh. I’ve always been a nude pink girl when it comes to the lips, so every time I do a new color our of my color range it has to be good. Trying to find lip products that work for me has been REALLY hard, and has honestly taken a lot work. My lips are naturally dry and I’ve tried one too many products that make my lips ten times worse. So far I’ve only found 3 brands that work for me, so today I’m sharing which ones I swear by and also my top 5 lip colors for the everyday look- no matter what the season is! Let’s jump in.  

1. NYX COSMETICS– This brand I swear by, especially their butter glosses. If you ever see me wearing a gloss, it is 99% of the time these kind. The reason I love them so much is because the glosses aren’t STICKY. I’m basic and I love a good gloss (surprise surprise) and these work for everyday use, and also the fancy nights! Not to mention, these glosses smell so good that’s addicting. Oh, and I’m IN LOVE with the prices. #score Below are my favorite colors and the gloss linked!

Eclair, Tiramisu, Vanilla Creme Pie, Maple Blondie, Angel Food Cake, Cupcake

2. CHARLOTTE TILBURRY- I’ve seen this brand for awhile now, but I finally decided to take the plunge when I saw them on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Like I mentioned, I’ve had a hard time finding brands that I love and since this was on the pricier side, I was hesitant to buy it. I figured it was on sale so I might as well just try it. Well, now the only lipstick I wear is this one. MAC lipsticks were and still are my favorite, but I like to venture out! This is my newest brand that I am loving when it comes to lipstick! These colors work all year round in my opinion and have the softest formula that feels creamy on the lips.

Liner Colors: Pillow Talk, Pink Venus Lip Stick Colors: Bitch Perfect, Nude Kate,

3. MAC COSMETICS- We go wayyyy back. Like back to the beginning. The first lipstick I ever wore because I danced my whole life starting at age 3, and the recitals I was in I wore makeup and went all out! The smell of these takes me back down memory lane every once in awhile, especially when I wear colors like I used to! The texture of these lippies are very smooth and they glide right on, regardless if you are wearing a matte or a shine. I tend to prefer shine and glosses over matte, but when I do step out of my comfort zone, I these matte lipsticks do a really good job about not making your lips dry as long as you are properly hydrated.

Snob, Creme Cup, Politely Pink, Twig

I feel like this post is sort of random, but I do get asked a lot about what colors are on my lips and also since we are heading into dry season, I figured now was a good time! I also feel like I’m the only one who struggles with chronic dry lips. They recently have gotten more under control since switching regular chapstick, and boy the minute I go too long without water my lips are dry, peeling and cracking. I’d love to what your favorite colors are for Fall and what lip products work best for you!


Danielle Alana

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