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Ah! I can’t believe it. The time has finally come. Our Save the Dates have been sent out and friends and family are receiving them. It’s so exciting to get pictures from people and sharing the excitement with everyone we love. It makes it real now that everyone is (sort of officially) invited! No turning back now 😉 Of course though, I wanted to keep all of you updated on this since these play such a big part in the day of! I’m giving you all the information in today’s post including the company I decided to go with and why! Without further ado, here they are…








Aren’t they just so pretty?! I’m SO happy with how they turned out. Like I mentioned in my first wedding planning blog post (if you missed it click HERE), our wedding colors are very Spring! All the pinks, blushes, golds, which is my favorite. I’ve wanted a Spring wedding from the start because those are just my favorite colors since they’re all so light, bright and happy! Our Save the Dates reflect the gold wording which is the extra touch I was looking for. I’m the type of girl that’s been planning her wedding from a very age young, so of course before we got engaged I REALLY started looking at things, not just pinning them. And by that I mean really focusing on brands. I knew the look I was going for for invitations so I actually started comparing prices and seeing what was out there that was similar to my style. It came down to Basic Invite and I had chosen everything before we even got engaged, ha! So when they reached out to me saying they wanted to collaborate, I sent them the LONGEST email ever about how much I loved them and how I was already planning on using them. It was seriously the greatest day ever when this happened, ha! Aside from getting engaged of course. 😉

Now to break down and get into specifics on WHY I chose them. The number one thing I was searching for was a variety of colors for invitations that came with a good price. A lot of the invitations that I liked only had a few colors to choose from, and none of them met my needs for being exactly what I wanted. The second thing I was looking for was also price. Our guest list is quite large (we’re at over 200 guests if you can see the stack of those envelopes!) so I knew my order was going to be big to begin with but I didn’t want the numbers to be big. Basic Invite met all these requirements and even more, like these:

Custom Samples

I’ve ordered 3 cute wedding invitation samples so far just to make sure I’m getting it right. I’m exploring all the colors as well as all the add-ons, wording I’m using, etc. The samples are a VERY decent price so I’ve been able to try anything and everything.

Over 40 different colors of envelopes

I’m sticking with plain white, but I thought I would highlight this for you guys. If you want to choose a different envelope color other then white, they have a ton. This would be great for someone trying to mix in multiple different colors or going outside the box!

Over 900 Wedding Invitation Sets

I was on Basic Invite for no joke 2 hours when I first started looking. I was browsing through a TON (900 to be exact) of wedding sets because there was just so. many. options.

Free Address Collection Service

This played a HUGE PART into why I chose Basic Invite. Since our guest list is big, I was dreading writing down so many addresses. And Tim doesn’t have good hand writing (sorry honey) so I knew it would be all on me. I spent just an hour entering in the addresses to my guest book on Basic Invite which were saved to my account and then when it came time to order I just hit “select all” and was able to have them all nicely printed and I didn’t have to pay a PENNY for it.

If this blog post didn’t sell you on using Basic Invite then maybe this will: customer service. I’m a very visual person, hence why I’ve ordered multiple wedding invite samples. Every time I hopped online a member would be available to chat and I loved having that. At this point I know all of them by name and I think they recognize me too! All my questions have been answered which is what I need, and I need details!

We will be sending our super cute wedding invitations in February which means we’re about two months away from ordering those! Basic Invite has so far been a dream to use and it makes me even happier that they wanted to work with me! If you have any questions or anything that I didn’t touch on— please let me know. Until then, early 2019 I will be revealing our invitations!

Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring today’s post.


Danielle Alana

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