Date Night at The Fifth

Tuesday night date night, whoop whoop! One of my favorite things to do with Tim is to go on mid-week date nights. I feel like it helps break up the week for me and also gives time to relax and not be so stressed! I’m the type that is already thinking about the next day by the time I get up. So when I go home after running around toddlers all day, #nannylife I feel like an adult- ha!

One of my favorite date nights thus far with Tim has been at The Fifth. We were both born and raised in Orange County, CA so we are very familiar (and lucky!) with the Disney area located in Anaheim. Since Tim and I have been together, we pretty much got Disneyland passes immediately and started going pretty frequently. Though park food is delicious, we both really prefer to go to sit down restaurants so we’re able to sit and talk about our days. Since hearing about The Fifth earlier this year, this restaurant has become THE spot in Anaheim for us to go! I’m going to walk you through The Fifth visually and show you some of my favorite menu items, along with why we love this place!



Warm welcome from The Fifth! IMO, it makes the world of a difference when staff hand selects their hosts and hostesses, and I can always tell when they do. Every time I come here they greet me a warm welcome (picture for proof ;)) and it makes the experience that much more enjoyable.





See what I mean by a view? Not only do you get to see Disneyland but you get to see the whole city, and for dinner the sunset! Another thing I love to do once in awhile is stay super late (my version of super late, lol!) and watch the fireworks. The atmosphere of this restaurant definitely gets more busy as the night goes on because its everyones favorite place to grab a drink, hang by the fire, or watch the entertainment that they do! Also, did you get a peak at that menu? Here is a list of our favorites!


Loaded Tatter Tots

Corn Dogs

Chicken Tenders

Mozzarella Sticks

Pretzels and Sausages



Shrimp Scampi

Crafted Burger

***if we’re being honest, I always pretty much just order appetizers. Hence why more of those are listed, I ALWAYS get those!







And let me get started on dessert. One word: DONUTS. They are the way to my heart and The Fifth has them! I’m a plain gal so I got donut holes, but Tim orders them filled with chocolate and he loved them. We headed to Disney after, but we had a chance to sit by the fire for a little and enjoy the view and snap a quick photo in front of the photo wall!

If you’re in Orange County, come and grab dinner here while you have a free night! You seriously won’t regret it. What you get at this restaurant for the price is UNREAL. Make sure you tag me in your posts if you stop by, and thanks for letting me brag about one of our favorite date night spots!

Thank You to The Fifth for sponsoring today’s post.


Danielle Alana

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