New Year, New You! Let’s Get Organized


Anyone struggle here with being organized? If so, I’m (sorta) with you. You’re probably wondering why I’m doing this blog post since ALL I talk about is how organized I am. I share my planner with you guys, how I decorate it, how much is planned and the whole thing. Well… I’m going to let you in on a little secret! 1. I don’t have it all together 2. I’m organized, but only when it comes to certain things. 3. I’m still learning how to be organized all the time, not just sometimes.

It physically pains me to write this as funny as that sounds, but it does! I TOTALLY get on my high horse sometimes when everything is planned… for the week. Then Saturday comes and I’m frantic thinking about the next week and what needs to get done. Not only that, but recently I’ve been forgetting important things. Twice in the past two months have I had work on a night and the family texts me to reconfirm the sit and I’m like… I’m working tomorrow night? Since when? This isn’t in my planner? Both times were 100% my fault. I agreed to work and then NEVER wrote them down! Lucky for me, both nights I had no plans so I was able to play it off and show up to work just fine. But that just isn’t like me at all! Getting into a daily and weekly routine is something I want to get better at, because I already have one it just really needs improvement.

Normally I would give tips and help YOU guys get organized, but we’re in this together this time. I have a few that I’m interested in trying/have been practicing that I’m going to share, but I want to hear what YOU guys do to keep it together and what you’re practicing, especially since the new year just hit and we are all in the mode to do so!

Plan Plan Plan

My Erin Condren Planner is my holy grail, and the one time I lost it I actually felt lost in life, lol! This has everything in it— my appointments, my work schedule, our plans, important dates, numbers, you name it it is in inside. Until I become an actual mother, this is my baby! I always try to make things fun so adding decorations like stickers and fun colors are what gets me excited about this.

Wake Up & Go

Every. Morning. You will hear my alarm clock go off and then hear me get out of bed about 30 minutes later. I purposely set my alarm for earlier since I know myself and I need that time to just lay in bed and be awake. I will admit though, it is a terrible habit. Like I said, writing this out and admitting this is painful ha! Getting out of the habit of laying in bed has been really hard, especially since we are in winter and my bed is just the coziest thing ever in the early hours of the day. I’m old school and I use an actual alarm clock— yes, you read correctly. I use a clock that isn’t my phone for an alarm. Crazy right? I’ve been thinking about switching to my phone lately and instead of having it next to my bed, putting it on the opposite side of the room so I’m forced to get up. Having an actual alarm clock has made it easy to just press a button and roll back over, so in this case I would be having to physically move. Ugh.

What Phone?

Another terrible habit! I grab my phone as I’m ready to wakeup, and then fast forward 30 minutes and I’m rushing to get ready and out the door. I could easily waste all day being on my phone and starting my mornings off with it has made mornings more bumpy then they need to be. Deleting my phone time and having self control- meaning no Instagram and other social media apps are gone in my mornings! This has helped my mornings be more calm and also not as rushed. This may be just me, but I also feel more motivated and refreshed not looking at it. Sometimes it can be a comparison game and I get caught up in the morning and then I’m instantly unmotivated for the day. Looking at all of this later has been helpful for getting up and starting my day.

I’m all ears! I want to hear about what you are doing to get organized in the New Year’s and hear your resolutions. I talked about mine here and here so now it’s your turn! Leave me a comment or shoot me a DM over on Instagram and let’s chat- goals, resolutions, or we can just complain to each other about how hard adulting is—let’s be real!


Danielle Alana

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