The Engagement Gift Guide

This unfortunately doesn’t make up for any of the gift guides I missed during the holiday season, but this one is probably my favorite I’ve done so far! Whether your best friend is engaged, your sister, or your work friend, this is a guide for the perfect engagement gift for that newly engaged bride-to-be. Now that we’ve been engaged for some time, I thought it was appropriate to throw this together since engagement season is around the corner. Not only that, but I got some pretty great gifts at our engagement party that I love. Most couples do not have a wedding registry by the time they’re engaged, so this is a great excuse to grab an adorable gift before having to buy must-have registry items. Our engagement party was on the day we got engaged, so we definitely didn’t have one! Here is some inspiration and cute ideas for the bride-to-be and her groom. Of course it is classic to bring a bottle of champagne, but these are more fun!

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1. Bling Brush

I love all of these things but I especially love this! This Bling Brush is basically an on-the-go ring cleaner. The champagne bottle is the perfect engagement gift because it is SO cute, and then inside is that brush that every bride will want to use! When we were first engaged I can’t tell you how many times I was asked for people to see my ring. I still get asked for people to see my ring! She can stick it in her purse and have it handy for those moments when it needs a quick cleaning. I’m sharing an up close of how I use this on my Instagram stories today and saving it to my wedding highlight because I know this product will get a ton of love.

2. & 3. Ring Dish and Ring Tray

Number 2 is exactly what I got as an engagement gift from my sister! She has it and uses it every night so she thought I could use one too. I rub my eyes a ton, so for the most part I take my ring off before I go to sleep. Other times I don’t remember because I’m just too tired, ha! The ring tray is also perfect and can be used by both the bride and groom. Keep it by the bathroom sink and slip it off before hopping in the shower. Everyone is really different when it comes to rings— some people never take it off and others take it off at least once a day. I sometimes take mine off when I sleep if I remember, and I will take it off when I have a lot of dishes too and sometimes showers. It’s helpful to have these around the house so you have a designated place to put them since you do not want to lose your bling!

4. Milestone Drinks

This is also a gift that I got and love! I was gifted four bottles of wine by one of my nanny families, and each has a celebratory label on it. We have a bottle of wine to open on our first wedding anniversary, our first baby, our first big purchase and also our first Christmas (I think). This is perfect if you wanted to gift a bottle of alcohol, it adds a little something to it and makes it more fun. They have a variety of labels so depending on the couple you can mix and match different milestones and get however many you want!

5. Girlfriend to Fiance

I got a few shirts as gifts as well that all said Fiance or fun sayings on them. Since a ring isn’t enough (haha!) this shirt was fun to wear the first week after getting engaged places and can also be used later on during wedding planning! Bachelorette party shirt, and a keepsake for when you get upgraded again to wife. I’m definitely keeping all of mine as pajama shirts and its fun to look back on after planning is over!


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