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What a weekend to remember! Where do I even begin? This girls trip (AKA my bachelorette) is EXACTLY what I needed before the wedding! At first I was really stressed about having this the weekend before the wedding, but in the end it worked out perfectly. If you missed it, this was basically my only option as a weekend away if I wanted ALL my bridesmaids to be able to make it. We spent the weekend in the beautiful city of Palm Springs, CA and it was nothing short of amazing. In this blog post I am going to give you ALL the details! A link to the VBRO we stayed at, our itinerary, outfits, decor, and anything else you can think of. Now let’s hop right to it because I am SO excited to share with you all!






Let me start off by saying that the planning was super easy. My Maid & Matron of honor did a phenomenal job at making sure my needs and wants were met and heard, and they really went above and beyond. Not only that, but we were helped out along the way by Abbie from Got Your Bach. If you’ve never heard of this company before, get ready to have your mind blown. Got Your Bach is a boutique bachelorette planning service that helps the bride-to-be or the MOH plan the party of your dreams. If that doesn’t sound like heaven…I’m not sure what does! GYB customizes your trip and makes it fully personalized to each bridal squad. The easy process of filling out your questionnaire, a phone call to chat about all your visions, and then…sitting back and relaxing. Yes, you read that correctly. They do ALL the hard work for you— including cost-splitting and making a bill for each individual attending the bachelorette. I highly recommend using Got Your Bach for any upcoming bachelorettes you have, as it is a total game changer with the lessened stress and hard work. Head over to their Instagram to see all the inspiration and learn more!








After arriving at our house (see below for link!), we set up before the rest of the bride tribe arrived to make sure it was perfectly ready! My theme for the bachelorette bounced between two. Danielle’s Last Flamingle & It’s My Flocking Bachelorette. One was appropriate for the day, and the other one was appropriate after drinks settled in, lol! Overall though, the theme was tropical, lots of pink, flamingos, and Palm Springs related. I found out about this company called Shop Stag & Hen while I was searching one day for decor for the house. I instantly fell in love and realized they had EVERYTHING I wanted! If I could have, I would have bought the entire online store. I had to pull myself together though and just get a few things. The items were all what I was looking for and not to mention the overall shop! Even if you ARE NOT having your bachelorette in Palm Springs, they have something for each city. Once you browse through Shop Stag & Hen, you will find something (guaranteed) for your party and theme!

After all the girls arrived, we had to get ready for our first night out. I must say, I forgot how fun it is to get ready with a house full of girls—especially my favorite ones in the entire universe. Night one was nothing short of fun, much needed girl time that involved drag queens and alcohol- HA! When we got up the next morning for a day full of food, photos, and laying by the pool, we were all WIPED from the night before. Including me— I’m not a drinker, but I go to bed every night pretty early, like before 10 PM. So with how late we were out, I honestly felt like I got hit by a truck. Nevertheless, we all got ourselves fed and ready for a full day of sun. Saturday was the day I invited friends who weren’t apart of the wedding party out, so our Palm Springs house was full of girls. We took photos, tanned, got massages, had girl talk, and ended the afternoon with a lingerie party before friends who were staying for the day, headed home.





Now, before I go onto to the rest of the trip, I have to address something that you just read. I just listed everything we did, and you might have noticed I wrote “got massages”. Well, I didn’t mention the best detail about this “getting massages” part. And that best part was: they came to the house. YUPP! Not only do bachelorette planning services exist, but traveling massage services do too. Not trying to brag or anything (ok, maybe I am.), but I think I won for bachelorette of the year. During our girls day by the pool, each bridesmaid or girlfriend got to head on into the house for their very own massage with Chy Massage. Chy Massage is a traveling massage service that comes to your location, serving the entire Coachella Valley. Not only do they do bachelorette parties, but they’ll do any occasion— from couples to corporate events. I’m not trying to persuade you to have your bachelorette in Palm Springs or anything, but this is a pretty good reason as to why you should! I’m still getting text messages from my friends saying how they LOVED this special touch that was apart of Saturday day. The massages were absolutely killer, and it was what everyone needed. From being tired from the night before, and for the drive that some girls did, it was like the cherry on top to a perfect day. If you live in this area or are debating whether or not to have your bachelorette out here, check out their Instagram to see more of the work they do or their website. I recommend them for their service— but also for the price. You can’t get anything better!




So now you get the point- we got massages while not having to go anywhere, basically went to heaven and back, and it was amazing. 😉 Moving on now though to Saturday night and Sunday morning. Since we spent the day poolside and drinking, and the night before was still hanging over our heads a little, this night was pretty low key. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, did a little bar hopping, and then came back to the house for a girls night. The evening was one to remember from the food all the way to the silly games, really filling my heart and being the best end to a great weekend. Friday and Saturday came and went, and Sunday it was time to go home. We fueled up with a quick breakfast and headed home to prepare for yet the next weekend…OUR WEDDING!





I still cannot believe that this was my bachelorette. It blows me way! Even though the wedding is over, I wish I could re-live this weekend over and over. it’s not every day that you get to have all your favorite girlfriends in the same place, celebrating you. Like I said, I was initially really worried about having the bachelorette the weekend before the wedding. When my mind gets going, it basically starts running! But in the end, it ended up being perfect and we all got two weekends of FUN. Well, I at least know I did. 😉 But, like I promised you all, LINKS! Everything that is not linked above you will find down below. Please let me know if I missed any links, or if you have any questions about anything that I mentioned. My emails, DM’s and comments are always open.

Our House

This place was the perfect place to have a bachelorette. It was close enough to everywhere went, and fit 9 girls overnight and even more during the day comfortably. Not to mention the price that we got it for was such a steal. I will be staying here again, especially since we go out here so often.

Bachelorette Planning Service

Got Your Bach Co. is an amazing company, like I said! If you struggle with ideas or really need help and guidance, hiring a company like this is a great idea. They can figure out almost everything for you which let’s be real, is a genius idea.

Dinner, Night One

So, I originally picked this place becuase of the menu. But let me be the one to warn you— don’t get too attached to it! The menu changes very frequently, so we went none of food I wanted to order was available, because the menu changed. Still delicious, but not the best choice if you are/have picky eaters.

Drag Queen Show

This was nothing short of entertaining. If you don’t want to be dragged up on stage, or have any of the attention on you, this is not the right place to go. We stayed here for a good 2 hours and had a GREAT time! Make sure you check the link above for the schedule of shows, because they aren’t every weekend.

Massage Company

One word: life changing. Even if you don’t have a bachelorette, they do parties or just no occasion, come to your house massages. I want to get one next time I go out just because they are so good!

Dinner, Night Two

We originally didn’t plan on eating here. We had reservations somewhere else but they didn’t end up having hours. I REALLY wanted Chips & Guacamole, so this restaurant had it and they also had room for our big party. However, it was listed as “Chips & Avocado Dip” on their menu. We were cracking up for hours, I will never forget it. I loved the food though!


“Same Penis Forever” Sign

Bride’s Babes Tattoos


Goody Bags

Customized Beach Towels

Tumblers (dollar section at Target)

Names & Flamingo on Tumblers



Photographer, Mckenna Elsner | Editing, Sydney Bliss Photography

Everything linked above is either my outfits from this weekend, above items linked again, and inspiration/similar things.


Danielle Alana

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