Our Wedding Registry | Part 2

If you’re reading this blog post, I’m going to assume you read part one of this blog post which showed you everything we registered for in a list, where we registered and why we chose the stores we did. In case you haven’t, click here to read it as I explained a lot in that one! One thing I noticed while wedding planning was that I couldn’t find a lot of blog posts on what to register for when it came to weddings. I could a million baby registry ones, but nothing wedding related. After going through the process of myself, I decided I would do a mini series regarding my wedding registry to share everything that I think the bride should know. Now that we have been married for 4 months and living together, I feel like we both have gotten a hang of everything we registered for, from kitchen tools to household products. Below is a guide to help you hopefully figure out what you need and don’t need, with things I learned along the way!

What We Registered For and LOVE!

These are products we are so happy we registered for and we cannot live without—highly recommend!

1. Dyson Vacuum

This may come as a surprise to some of you, or some not so much. This is a very popular vacuum and let me tell ya- it is worth ALL the hype! I use this vacuum at least 3-5 times a week, sometimes everyday depending on what’s going on in our house. I cannot say enough good things about this vacuum, so let me try to sum it up as to why it is so great! First things first, convenience. I love how easy it is to store and how it isn’t so big and bulky taking up lots of room. I’m super tiny, so not having to man handle a vacuum is a huge plus for me, lol! It also comes with a wall unit which makes it simple to charge. We do not have this hookup currently due to there being no outlet where we store ours, but when we move into a bigger place we will definitely be doing that! Besides the size, it is also flexible. It makes getting into tight or small surfaces hassle free, and it also it able to turn which has been so nice. Besides how good looking it is, and how the size is such a great factor, it’s performance is also wonderful. With having Chip now who sheds, I swear it picks up literally every single piece of dirt. I’ll vacuum even when it’s “not that bad”, and I am almost always appalled by what it picks up. This vacuum is seriously one of my best friends!

2. Bona Hardwood Mop

If you have any type of flooring that isn’t carpet, you need this in your life—newlywed or not. Before we got married, I was cringing at the fact that I was going to have to mop floors. I know, it’s 2019 and mops don’t really exist anymore— there has been a lot of inventions for newer types of mops. But still, I wasn’t into it. Being the Instagram obsessed girl that I am, I was watching a friends story one day and saw her mention the Bona mop. It honestly looked marvelous and before even trying it out, or looking at it in store, I registered for it. Then when I got it, it was love at first sight. Something that I have stayed true to since we moved in together is using clean household products. I use Young Living’s line of Thieves products and it was important for me to use all clean ingredients and I was worried when it came to the floors, I wasn’t going to be able to. With Bona I am able to out my homemade floor cleaner in and clean the floors just how I like! No worries though if you aren’t into making your own. They also sell cleaner that you can buy and use, this is just my personal preference. Not to mention the reusable pads which you can throw in the washer, and help prevent wasting!

3. Spatula Set

I registered for this pack of spatulas, and at the time I remember Tim hinting at the fact that we were never going to use them. We definitely got my families money worth because these are the cutest little things! I have especially used the mini ones with this mini pancake maker, and they fit perfectly to flip them. Of course the regular size one works great too for everyday use with dinner, breakfast, whatever!

4. Apple TV

Tim and I don’t have cable, and it seriously saves a ton of money! We just use our Apple TV, and watch through Netflix or Hulu, HBO or rent movies off YouTube or Amazon Prime Video. I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not having cable, because everything I watch is on one of these apps on Apple TV. Definitely something you want to register for, and this is also something people can pitch in on as a group!

5. Ring Doorbell

We live in an apartment right now, but setting this up at our apartment has been so nice! I get a lot of packages, and in the Orange County area in general a lot of people have been stealing packages off others porches. So I wanted to set this up here for security purposes, and also when I’m home alone. I love that we didn’t have to have a doorbell for this to work, we were able to just manually set it up. Do note though if you don’t have a doorbell, you will have to buy this extra piece if you want to hear the doorbell throughout your house.

6. Printer

Even if you don’t work from home like I do half the time, or if you don’t use it a lot, this is something good to have. I absolutely love our printer because its white so it blends in, and it’s also aesthetically pleasing! I always appreciate machines that can look nice while still doing the job, and that’s mine. Not to mention the price for what you get, you really can’t beat it.

Registry Fails

Items we received that either haven’t been touched, or aren’t that great.

1. Bathroom Towels & Rugs

Trust me when I say, don’t bother spending a fortune on bath towels, mats or rugs. We’ve been married for 3 months and ours honestly aren’t upholding that well. They work for now, but it will definitely be the first thing I replace when we have the money. The bath rug is literally being held together by a thread, and even though it matches perfectly, the quality flat out sucks. I recommend going to Target, Home Goods, or Bed Bath & Beyond to register or buy these items. They have excellent reviews and hold up way longer. Don’t waste your money on name brand ones! We got ours from Crate & Barrel and they are just very delicate and hard to wash.

2. Cookbooks

This definitely isn’t a matter of “that great”, we just never use them. Tim and I have been SO busy since we got married, that honestly we haven’t gotten the chance to really cook together. What we’re eating for dinner we’re making up as we go since we don’t have the time right now to cook. We’re truly just having pasta, with vegetables or meat, or some type of rice with vegetables, or just stuff that’s fast and easy and healthy as possible. I know one day I will definitely use the cook books, we just haven’t so far—so I feel like I could have gone without registering for them and just gotten them myself when I was interested.

3. Dustbuster

Having a dustbuster isn’t a fail, but having the one we got and picked out is. It honestly does a terrible job and is useless. I hate to say it, but I want to buy a new one already! This thing literally dies after using it for 10 minutes and really doesn’t pick up or clean up much at all. Only reason I’m not linking it is so you can stay away from it. Also, I got it from Target and they don’t even carry it anymore. I’m wondering if they caught on that it wasn’t the greatest product?


Things we forgot to register for that had us scrambling to the store. Thank goodness we had gift cards.

1. Pizza Cutter

2. Tupperware

3. “That Drawer” Full of things!

You know what drawer I’m talking about! The one next to your oven, that has every tool you can think of. Your spatulas, your tongs, the avocado cutter (life changing), apple peeler, the meat thermometer, —just all of those things you don’t think of until you need them, and then you’re scrambling. Trust me, been their done that.

Anyways, I really hope this blog post helped those of you who are getting married or possibly registering soon! I tried to find blogs that had all of this stuff and I really couldn’t find anyone who had their blog before they were married, so I really went off my own experience and just doing what I thought was best. If you have any questions as always, just let me know!


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