Black Friday Preview: Target

Wasn’t planning on posting on the blog today, but this was too hard to pass up! I saw this morning that Target released a Black Friday Preview and the sale is going on today until tomorrow, and you guys…it is SO good!

I organized it by categories and linked everything for you all that I thought was a great deal! In order to shop, just click on the image of the item and it’’ll take you right to the product.

I really appreciate it when you guys shop through my affiliate links and such, because that is what keeps Danielle Alana running and also helps my business grow. It doesn’t cost anything extra for you or do anything different, the links are simply just tracked and I earn commission off it, so thank you. Happy Shopping!


discounted prices are applied at checkout


discounted prices are applied at checkout


discounted prices are applied at checkout

Happy Shopping!


Danielle Alana

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