All About the Groomsman

Today we are doing something a little different than usual around here—actually, really different! For the time ever Tim is going to be writing today’s blog post, All About the Groomsman. I figured since I did one filling you in about the bridesmaids; a little bit about each of them, their outfits, how I asked them and tips & tricks, Tim should do the same. Without further ado, here’s Tim!





from left to right

Groomsman, Jeremy

I became friends with Jeremy (and his twin, Danny) way back in early elementary school on the four-square court. We’ve been friends ever since going through the various stages from Pokemon to Fall Out Boy to Coachella, and now my marriage. He now produces his own music and is always the man ahead of the curve when it comes to whats next in the music world.

Groomsman, Zach

Zach is married to my sister, Kristin, and has been for 7 years now. He has been a great addition to the family and after so long of being surrounded by girls and just me and my dad, Zach coming along was super refreshing. He’s a guy I can always talk sports or whiskey with and can go to him with questions about stages of life he and my sister have already experienced.

Groomsman, Tom

I met Tom in middle school. We became good friends in art class listening to his Nirvana CD on his portable player.. He pulled my middle school self out of the world of Weird Al and into the world of actual music. He is always good for an interesting conversation with unique ideas on almost anything. I’m lucky to still have him as a great friend even after attending different schools after middle school.

Best Man, Caleb

Caleb is another friend I became friends with back in early elementary school. He’s the type to always put others ahead of himself. We’ve gone through everything together: girls, college, parties, sleepovers in our early years. He’s such a good friend I put up with the fact that he’s a Broncos fan :p. He, like everyone on this list, is a true brother I was lucky enough to find in this crazy life.

Groomsman, Sonny

Sonny is my cousin and also one of my best friends. We coined the term “frousin” growing up because though we were related, we hung out because we were friends. I basically grew up at his house hanging with him and his older brother, Mason. Sonny is another very selfless friend that will always be there when needed. He is the plumber, lifter, hunter man type.

Groomsman, Mason

Mason (sonny’s older brother) is also my cousin. Even though we are family and he grew up in the house next to my grandma, we did not actually meet until we were put on the same little league baseball team as a kid. Mason is a genius with computers and someone I can look up to in that field. He is truly the older brother type of my group of friends

Groomsman, Isaiah

I met Isaiah in middle school after he moved to Orange County from Wisconsin. He was around a lot as he was Sonny’s best friend growing up. It wasn’t until we got to college when our friendship really took off. I want to UC Irvine and he want to Concordia Irvine so we ended up hanging out almost every day. Orange County has softened him up a bit but he is still the outdoorsy, hunting type you’d expect from a Midwesterner.

Groomsman, Danny

I met Danny on the four square court along with his twin Jeremy. He’s the crazy one that would never turn down a bet or challenge. We’ve spent much time going hard on the inter tube or rock climbing/cliff jumping at our yearly vacation to Apache Lake (his family reunion that I always got to go to). We also would consistently invent new games growing up rather than play the boring standard ones everyone else was playing.





Cigars (from Costa Rica) | Proposal Boxes


Friar Tux


Sleep In

Eat Breakfast

Took a Swim in the Ocean

Got Ready

Lunch Delivered

Picture Time

Danielle again! Ah…to be a groom. I mean my schedule which you can find in my bridesmaid post is way different than this! Must be nice to be a guy. 😉


Danielle Alana (& Tim!)

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