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Something I tried to pay really close attention to during the planning and dreaming part of wedding planning was the details. I just think little details are so important, and when you pay attention to them, on the big day they really stand out. I love hearing people point things out that they notice, especially when you know a lot of hard work and thinking went into the process. Not to mention, watching it come to life!

In today’s post I’m sharing all of the little details that we added to our wedding, because I think they should be highlighted! I looked up ideas on Pinterest and tried to recreate a few for our big day and I thought they turned out great. In case you’re looking for a few detail touches for yours, scroll through to see what we did!







So, unfortunately some of the files i am trying to upload are too big for this server. Darn! But that doesn’t mean I won’t talk about them 😉 My photographer made a whole separate folder for me of all the detail shots we got so it was really nice to be able to go through and see all of what they captured before the actual wedding.

It goes without saying, but I obviously wanted to do a memory table at our wedding because sadly enough, Tim and I have lost quite a few people between the two of us. From left to right on the memory table picture, it goes Tim’s uncle and grandfather (mom’s side), my uncle (dad’s brother), my grandparents (dad’s parents), my papa (my mom’s dad), and then my dad. Geez, typing that all out is harder than I thought! It still blows my mind that none of these people were able to physically be at our wedding, but deep down I know they were all truly there. I simply honored them by putting the table next to the welcome table, and lighting candles for them. This table was then moved into the barn where our reception was. I also saved my dad a seat at the front since I know he really was sitting there.

Ok, sad stuff is out of the way! I think this goes without being said as a lot of photographers get this shot, but besides just doing a ring shot of mine and TIm’s rings, I also wanted one of all the ladies rings. This shot includes my mom and Tim’s mom, and to me it just really symbolizes promise. To be joining in with two women that I deeply admire as a wife was a really special moment, and they are huge role models in how Tim and I do this whole marriage thing. Both my parents and his are a huge example of true love.

The atmosphere is something that really sets the mood at a wedding in my opinion, and I knew I didn’t want flowers or table settings really taking away from the main event happening. So, it was a simple touch, but in the end and in photos it really was elegant and just made the room brighter, more opening, and eye-catching. Since our reception was in a barn, the ceiling of our main room was really rustic looking but also dark even with the lights. I wanted some drapery throughout so the attention would bring people’s eyes up and in the center instead of down at the table. We got a lot of compliments on how this made the room look, and it was honestly a last minute decision thanks to my mom, but I’m really happy we did it!

In case you couldn’t tell, we definitely had a rustic theme going for our wedding. But, I think something you need to be careful doing with this theme is going to overboard. I wanted an accent color to balance all of the wood decor and also and a pop to match the colors and tie in the pink. I went with gold, and the color scheme all together flowed so much better and instantly made it more fancy—which is what we needed. Our wedding was a black tie wedding, so I needed something that tied in with the dark and formal dresses. Since it was a Spring wedding also, the gold matched well with all the light colors guests were wearing. I grabbed pretty much all of my gold signs (the cards sign, bar sign, welcome, table chart) from Heidi Davidson Design. She did an excellent job putting them together and her writing is just phenomenal! Not to mention the mirror themselves.

The dreaded party favors. At least for me they were! I was really going back and forth on doing them because one, I really didn’t want to spend a fortune. And of course everything I originally wanted to do cost a lot. And two, I was debating whether or not people even would care. After thinking, re-thinking, and then over thinking, I came to the conclusion that I wanted people to leave with something useful that was simple and also cute. So, what did I find? Beer bottle openers of course! Guests were able to use these throughout the night at our bar and also took them home to use for future use. We’ve already been in multiple situations since our wedding of seeing our customized openers being used by our friends, so I’d say it was a great decision!

If you’re a future bride, I highly encourage you to pay attention to the details! After you start getting burnt out, every little thing starts to haunt you and you really don’t want to add anything more on your plate. But if I’m happy about one thing, it’s that I paid attention to and made details a priority that now I will always remember and highlight! I hope these details and shots from our wedding gave you a little inspiration or a good idea for something even better. Make sure to tag me so I can see what you are doing throughout your process, because I really love watching what you all come up with! I’ll see you next week for our last (can you believe it?!) Wedding Wednesday post!


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