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The holidays are HERE! How many of you are so excited for all the festivities? The month of December is jam packed for us (per usual) so I already know it’s going to go by quick. I try to normally slow down and enjoy the process, but it gets harder every year! Something that has gotten easier for me though is gift buying. Ever since jumping into the blogging world, I’ve come across so many gift guides and also written quite a few! In the process, I’ve also learned to LOVE kits for people. They’re so easy to buy, and the gift packaging is practically done for you! You all know how big of a fan I am of Tula and they’re on the band wagon this year with a handful of Tula Holiday Kits. Trust me when I say they are SO good and the pricing/deal you get is unbelievable! 

Since I know a lot of you are in the process of gift buying for your friends & family, I thought I would highlight one of Tula’s kits this season. This kit is called the Balance, Brighten + Glow. Sharing what’s inside, details on pricing, and of course a discount code! 

The Cult Classic: Purifying Face Cleanser Hands down my favorite face wash of all time. I’ve been using this for two years now (yes, TWO YEARS!), and it is worth every penny. Given, this is on the cheaper side for skincare and it’s shockingly so. You’d think that one this good would be in higher in price, but nope! It’s affordable and the quality is great. The main reason I like this face wash is for its texture, and how it washes. You can tell the ingredients in here are pure because of how smooth it is and also how well it applies. I will be honest with you guys though, like I always am, I do use other products to get my makeup off. As far as my routine goes, I usually use a makeup wipe, then cleansing balm, a makeup wipe again and THEN I wash my face. This is for when I wear makeup. When I’m not, I just use this face cleanser first. It does get makeup off, however I just prefer to use other products to rub it off.

Get Toned: Pro-Glycolic 10% Resurfacing Toner This toner tops off my face before moisturizing. I use about 4-6 pumps of this on cotton balls and rub it ALL over my face. This gets any extra makeup left behind off, and also cleans REALLY deep beyond your skin (if that makes sense). It balances my skin out after washing it and evens out my complexion—which is great before using makeup!

24/7 Moisture: Hydrating Day & Night Cream This is currently my everyday moisture! It seriously all depends on the weather as far as what moisturizer I’m using. Lately, it’s been really dry therefore my skin has been needing it bad. This moisturizer has a lotion-like texture and is nice and thick, giving you a smooth finish before you go to bed or start your day. When I’m dry, this feels really good to put on after my skin feels so damaged. Then my skin is buttery soft which is the best!

Rose Glow & Get It: Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm Tula launched this product shortly after NYFW and I had the honor of attending their launch party! I love the packaging on this because it’s pink, and not to mention I was living my best life in NY getting to wear pink to a Tula party. Ha! But besides that, I use this as a makeup product—though it can be used for both this and skin care. Since Rose Glow has a pink tiny to it, putting this on the top of my cheeks and on my Cupid’s bow (above my lip) adds a nice pop. It also feels cool, so it’s refreshing to touch up throughout the day/night. Depending on the day also, I will sometimes put this under my concealer if I want to look super glowy!

Star Bright: Nourishing & Brightening Cosmic Hydrogel Mask This mask is exclusive to this kit, which makes it a great selling point! I just tried it recently for the first time (obviously, since it just came out) and I actually really like it. I have a hard time with some face masks that are shaped to your face since mine is so small. They fit funky, don’t stay on so then they don’t work. This one actually fit (I was shocked, some other Tula ones are a little bigger) and I was so happy! They made this mask cute by adding stars and they weren’t kidding when they called it star bright. After I took it off, I was dewy with all the great ingredients in the mask and I did feel a little glowy. Mainly the morning after though I was like, wow! I’m still glowing! When I touched my face the next morning it didn’t feel oily like it usually does. It felt like my skin soaked up the ingredients and worked through the night which is so cool!

So there you have it folks— the Balance, Brighten + Glow Kit. These make for a GREAT gift for your friend whose a beauty lover, a fellow Tula lover or for you Mom and/or Mother-In-Law. Not only are they a great gift for them, they’re also a great gift for you to give. With the holiday packing they added, this truly doesn’t need to be wrapped and will look cute by itself! The rose gold bag that comes with will also be used as a cosmetic or toiletry bag, which is a win.

So, let’s talk pricing. If you were to buy all of the products in this kit individually, your total would be around $124. Since you’re buying it as a bundle though, it rounds out to $98. That’s saving you $76. But wait—it gets better. Add my discount code DANIELLEALANA at checkout and get 20% off the price of $98, making this whole kit only $78. And yes, you read that correctly. $78. When I say run, I mean run! I would NOT be surprised if these sold out so grab them while you can. And also, take advantage of this deal, it won’t be here much longer! Happy Shopping.

Thank you to TULA for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions are my own and this blog post is written by me & me only.


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