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Hello, 2020! It’s day one and you’re already looking better than ever. I’m not sure why, or maybe I do, but I am really looking forward to this year and I also have really good feelings about what this year will bring. It is pretty cliche to talk about being motivated and setting goals, but that’s also what this is all about. So instead of making fun of it, I embrace it! I’ve always been the girl that’s loved going school supply shopping and getting new gel pens and cute notebooks, so lets be real…this is my time to shine!

Each year comes with new goals, new hopes, and new dreams. And even though they might not get accomplished every year, that doesn’t mean you should be discouraged from dreaming about them. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve set goals and then lost sight of them in a few months or even in a few weeks. But every year, I still set out with a positive mindset and maybe new ways to try to accomplish them.

To motivate you all to set goals and have hopes and dreams, I decided to let you in on what I’m out to accomplish this year. I have a new outlook from past years, and I’m hoping to accomplish them with a new mindset and also a new strategy.

Goal Diggin’

1.Habit Tracker One thing I noticed in past years, is that my goals have basically been wanting to start new habits. They’ve gone a little like this: go to the gym everyday, get in shape, eat better, eat healthy, read my bible everyday, and blah blah blah. The theme is that these are all basically habits that I want to start and get into. So instead of approaching all of these things (and more) as goals, I’m approaching it as I want to start new habits, and then to continue I want to habit track. I’m hoping by doing this they may be a little easier to accomplish and it also may be a little more fun. Besides eating healthier, working out, and digging deeper into my bible, some new habits I would like to start are drinking roughly 60 oz. of water everyday and having “me” time every morning as examples.

2.Save Money Every Week I think this is a habit we should truly all get into! With the new house coming around the corner and being ready before we know it, I would love to get into the habit of putting aside money every week. Without getting too personal and sharing too much of our finances, we save money but it is not as consistent as I’d like. Its what we need, I basically would just like to do it more on a schedule instead of all at once. You can add tracking finances here took, and just watching overall spending habits! Being smarter, essentially.

3. Quality over Quantity I’m still in the process of learning this, but throughout this last holiday season it has come to my attention a little more. Whether it is with work, my blog, or my personal plans, quality over quantity. If I’m running around trying to squeeze a million things to-do with a bunch of people in one day, am I really enjoying myself or am I just stressing about the next thing to-do? To stop from over stressing, about any aspect in my life, I really want to be more picky and choosey, and just be more wise with my schedule.

4.Being Intentional With My Phone We’re all guilty of this, don’t act like you aren’t! I realized the other day how many hours I have spent countlessly scrolling through social media and other apps like Pinterest. Honestly, it makes me sick and I don’t want to know how much time was spent doing it. I do know though, that I spent a lot of time stressing this year and complaining that I never had a enough time. Whether it was to get errands done or do blog things, I bet if I spent less time on my phone I would’ve been able to get more done. So, a goal for me is to be more intentional with the time spent on my phone.

5.Stop Shaming Myself + Prioritizing My Mental Health After my dad got diagnosed with cancer, I started seeing a therapist and going to therapy weekly. To this day, I still go to therapy and it makes me so happy. To have an hour to myself every week to work through things, talk, and just cry if I need to has made a world of a difference. I think we can all forget how important it is to give ourself grace and also, just make sure we are ok. Mental health is so important and I would like to prioritize it this year more than ever.

6.Sharing Real, REAL Life You guys know I love to share real life content with you guys. I think it’s what a lot of people crave to see, because it brings authenticity, people are able to relate, and it just makes you feel more connected overall. Once I noticed that people were way more into seeing our life together, and things at home, I tried to step it up. But I still find times where I hold back or hesitate to share things. But then…sometimes I take a jump and I do it anyways. So far, I haven’t had any regrets because each time I step out of my comfort zone, I get the best response. Definitely going to lean into that feeling more this year and hopefully growing in that!

I have more goals that I would love to share with you, but we’ll be here forever. If you’re interested, I can share blog goals in another blog post. But until then, I will rest knowing I have a lot to get working on, ha!

Praying over each and every one of you that this year brings all things good and positive. All my love!


Danielle Alana

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