First Trimester Recap

Week 4: Oh boy! Who knew symptoms would start kicking in this early? I found mine to be interesting because this week I have not yet experienced any “common” symptoms like sickness, IMO. So far this week I have had to pee more than EVER before—I mean so bad I almost peed in my car on the way to work Tuesday, even though I peed before I left. My lower back started giving me trouble Tuesday night, and by Thursday my legs were cramping. From what I’ve read, it seems that my body is adjusting to the new babe and hitting all sorts of nerves while also releasing hormones (relaxin) that’s causing my lower back to ache. Besides that, I am EXTREMELY exhausted and have been going to bed very early around 7:30/8 PM. I’m very thankful for these symptoms though because 1, this means the baby is growing & that’s what we want! And 2, I would prefer this over morning sickness any day. Enjoying it before it kicks in! Also, I told my mom the day after we found out we were pregnant. I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut! We both cried and hugged and it was such a surreal moment. Since Tim was there when we told my mom, he got so excited and then wanted to tell his family. We saw them for a BBQ for Memorial Day and ended up telling them as well. Everyone is very excited!


Week 5: I’m so impatient, I couldn’t wait! I made my prenatal last week for 8 weeks because my midwife didn’t want to see me until then. I found a local ultrasound place that will take you as early as 5 weeks for a great price, and if for some reason they don’t find anything they’ll do a follow up for free. I decided to schedule it because I’m so anxious! We ended up going and were only able to see a gestational sac. Counting that as a win though because that’s a home for baby! Other than that, I’ve had little to no symptoms this week. Which is nice, but has also made me pretty nervous. I’ve had to refrain from googling scary things, but my mind keeps going there. Been focusing on staying calm this week!

Week 6: It’s a good week because we’re closer to our doctor appointment, yay! Starting around late afternoon and nighttime this week the nausea has started to kick in. Luckily no puking, I just have little to no interest in eating dinner or things that I normally love—like chips & guac for example. We got that for an appetizer and I couldn’t eat it. That’s when you KNOW something is up! I’m trying to get everything I can done during the day as I know a wave is coming sooner or later after lunch time. Definitely manageable and I’m still over the moon that I’m not heavily vomiting. We did enjoy another ultrasound though on our one year anniversary, and we saw a HEARTBEAT! It was small, but so mighty. The tech said it was most likely the first day it was beating and I was crying tears of joy from then until we got home. I can’t believe this is happening!


Week 7: I’m laughing at myself because I am falling asleep writing this and it’s about 2 in the afternoon. I can barely keep my eyes open, yet I got 12 hours of sleep last night! I’m still going to bed at around 7 o’clock and evenings are worse than the morning. But still…no sickness. So woot woot! But if I give in to my tiredness (like I am right now) in the afternoon it is game over.

Week 8: My first appointment finally came and went. Just like that! Our appointment started with an ultrasound to confirm an heartbeat, and wow it is amazing just how much it grew in the span of 2 weeks. It doesn’t quite look like a person yet or a profile, but she/he is much bigger! After that unfortunately Tim had to go sit in the car since he wasn’t allowed in for the rest of the appointments, due to COVID. I got to meet with one of the midwives on my team and we discussed so much. I got a huge packet to take home and go over and now I feel like I can finally tell all of our friends! We also saw Tim’s family again and I was able to do my Sneak Peek test with his sister’s help to find out the gender early. Eek!


Week 9: I woke up and…I got an email from Sneak Peek that the gender results were in. My heart dropped and I immediately ran to Tim’s office. We went back to our bedroom, freaking out, and I started to cry. We said a quick prayer before opening the email and finding out the results. Welp, my mama heart was right. It is a boy. Tim is slightly nervous that it is wrong, but I know deep down its right. And I can’t believe it! We ALWAYS pictured getting a girl firs,t so to picture being a boy mom is kind of crazy. But I know for a fact that my Dad had something to do with it.

Week 10: This week was a fun because we got to take announcement photos with one of my best friends, Sydney! And since we knew it was a boy, we decided to do gender reveal photos as well. We got some smoke bombs and confetti poppers and did our announcement photos first, and then gender reveal. I wanted the dogs in the photos with us, but as you all know they are trouble. So it took a little longer then expected since the dogs were hard to get to listen since they were so distracted. Nonetheless, we got some amazing shots and I can’t wait to post them!

Week 11: Started the week off with a bang. My first pregnancy puke. So much fun! I truly thought since I made it through weeks 6-9 with no vomiting that I was past the worst. Apparently not! Everyone is different, but I heard that’s when it usually peaks. For me it’s peaking later, which I’m not sure if that’s better or worse? I’m going to go with better, since it hasn’t been happening this whole time. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super bummed, and also starting to get annoyed with how I’m feeling. I’m beyond happy to be pregnant, but the symptoms are starting to get to me, if you know what I mean. Starting to make me feel cranky, and negative about the whole thing. I’m starting to go in pep talk mode when I go to that dark place, because this is what I’ve ALWAYS wanted! And it’s finally here! The light at the tunnel now, is that first trimester is on the calendar. I can see it—only a few weeks away! The good thing that happened this week was that my energy started to make a come back. Wednesday morning I woke up, and it was so weird. I just started…doing things. Laundry, cleaning, and I actually wanted to do it. So I’ll take that as a win! Tim came downstairs and was staring at me, and then said, “This is the longest I’ve seen you standing at home in weeks.” And it’s true! I’ve been in bed, like I’ve mentioned in past weeks. So, that’s week 11. Oh, and we had our second appointment that we did some genetic testing and just a check-up. Everything looked great! Woo hoo! Week 12 here we come!

Week 12: Coming in hot…again. Well, not immediately. I was able to get 2 days to celebrate my birthday and also officially getting to the 12 week mark. What a gift! I remember immediately finding out I was pregnancy, finding a due date calculator, and then calculating when I would get here. It felt sooo far away. And now to be able to say I’m one week away from finishing the first trimester, I feel like it’s well deserved! We celebrated in Palm Springs and then Monday morning, I ended up puking, again. Exactly a week later. Such a bummer because Tim had left the night before, and that forced our friends to take care of me which I felt bad about! I mean we were on vacation—taking care of a sick pregnant lady is the last thing you want to do. This continued unfortunately for the rest of the week. Praying that it ends next week! Also, we made it social media official and announced. Soaking in the love we received to help me feel better!

Week 13: Haha…reading last week and that was only the beginning. Coming in hot for a second week in a row of vomiting multiple times a day, everyday. I find it really odd that the week after my first trimester seems over, I’m just now getting sick. The nice reminder that I got this week though from my midwife is that this is totally normal, and yup, I’m definitely pregnant! Haha. We got confirmation that it was a boy this week and we get to tell all our family & friends this weekend. That is what’s getting me through this week!


First trimester–done! I’m looking forward to sharing how I feel in second trimester with you and giving you the recap along with everything I use and love. Thanks for reading!


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