Guest Bathroom Reveal

Can you believe it? Here we are doing an official reveal of the first room here at #SweetHomeSchlueter! I feel like I keep starting each blog post with, “I can’t believe…”, but it’s true friends. It is still hard to believe that this is my home.

First up is our guest bathroom, which will eventually be our kiddos bathroom! As you can tell by the photos, it is definitely more guest friendly then it is kid, so we will probably have to do a refresh when it gets closer and as he gets older. Either way though, I feel that this bathroom is so inviting and also so cozy! The style in here is definitely farmhouse, and this is probably the most farmhouse you will see from me as far as decorating goes. I had a lot of the staples in here from our apartment, so I wanted to reuse them since they were in good shape and also so pretty. 





I tried to add decor that I liked, but also keep items in here that are helpful and fun for guests. I tried to link everything I can, and if it isn’t linked, it most likely isn’t linkable. Some lookalikes are added though to give you inspiration! Feel free to ask any questions and I will help you.

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