Birth Control: Fertility Awareness Method

This blog post has been long awaited by many of you, and I apologize for making you wait so long! This topic has been highly, highly requested and today we are finally getting to chat about it. The reason it took me so long, honestly, was because I wanted to practice it myself and also gain knowledge. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about this at only a month in, but now that I’ve used this method for over a year, it’s time to spill the details!

FAM is another word, or an abbreviated word for Fertility Awareness Method. It is a natural form of birth control that requires no prescription and is based off a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is done by tracking your vaginal discharge, symptoms, and body temperature. This of course has no side effects on your body, but takes a lot of practice, dedication, and can be hard to get right.

The short answer for me of why I used this birth control is simple. After being on birth control (the pill) for a little over 3 years, I wanted to take control over my body. I wanted to get to know it and it’s cycle. I wanted to be done with putting things in my body I knew nothing about, and be knowledgeable. I wanted to prep my body for a baby, and also learn myself so that when it came time, I would be aware and ready.

This form of birth control is not a method you buy–but it can be. The old fashion method of this is using pencil & paper and taking your temperature with a thermometer at home. With today’s modern technology, there are multiple brands that allow you to practice the Fertility Awareness Method. ***Since I am not a medical professional of any kind, I’m just sharing what I’m using and doing. Of course, do your own research, speak with your significant other if you have one and consult your doctor if necessary.

I chose to go with Kindara after a friend recommended it to me. I felt comfortable knowing that I had someone close to me who was also practicing, and someone to sort of guide me through it. I downloaded the app in my App Store which was free and purchased my Wink to begin the process.

My Wink is a product put out by Kindara that is a thermometer. I keep this on my nightstand and take my temperature every morning when I wake up, BEFORE I get out of bed. Taking it before you get out of bed is very important. It then using bluetooth, transfers my temp to my Kindara app and I can roll over and go back to sleep or get up to start my day.

Like I said before, you can just use a regular thermometer. I just liked having it on my phone and having everything set up for me–it made it easier! Unfortunately, the Wink is longer sold–so you have to hunt it down to find it or just use any BBT thermometer you want and it will work with the Kindara App.

Lots of things! Screenshots below of what the app looks like, what you log everyday, and how it charts things.

Starting from left to right, the first tab being the calendar. This just gives you an overview of the year and estimates when you are ovulating and when your period will be each month. The next tab is data. It asks you all of these questions that you fill out, and that is what’s important. This is basically the control part. Next is your chart. This is basically a visual for the data you are putting in daily. The bottom is the data, and top really focuses on your discharge based off what it is. Watery, creamy, none, on your period and so on. Then there is community which I can’t speak on, because I never used it. It’s basically where you can post questions and things to other users in the app. More is just where you’ll find setting, profile info, and more!

I logged daily, and I recommend if you are doing this method you log daily too. Of course I had my days where I didn’t log because I forgot or whatever, but I would always try to go back and makeup for it. But the more details you keep track of and log, the more effective the method is.

In my opinion, it is as effective as you make it. The less you log and do your part, the less information you’ll have to go off of. Which…no information means no control.


My thoughts are kind of a mess, but here it goes. I think this method is awesome. It’s effective for us. But personally, I think it’s as effective as YOU make it. If you aren’t consistent, it won’t be effective. If you’re hot and cold, it won’t be effective. This method works into my schedule because I can do it before I get out of bed, and then log my info whenever I have time during the day or before I go to bed. Since I’m on my phone a lot, its something to easily work in. With how much effort I’ve put in, it’s not only effective for me but I’ve learned a lot about my body. I now know the days I’m usually ovulating, and I recognize my bodies cues when my period is coming. I can sense if something is off or not normal and know what do. And that to me, is so empowering.


I do want to add that I read THIS book to learn more information as well. I also use more than one app to keep track of everything. I use the PreMom app as well to track my symptoms and temp. (It’s double the work, but I like it) and I also use it for its ovulation tests. It allows you to upload your tests which I like to reference back on. So, total, I track my temperature everyday, log my symptoms (and temps) into two apps and also do ovulation tests. I’m sure it sounds complicated to some, but now that I’ve been doing this for some time it comes naturally and is also apart of my routine.

I came across this method from doing my own research, talking with friends and also lots of reading. I’ve linked below the tools I used if you are interested. Again, I am not a doctor or a medical professional, this blog post is simply based off my personal experience and opinion.


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