Gender Reveal | It’s A Boy!

Our Gender Reveal was SO much fun! I was so anxious leading up to the party like I mentioned on stories, we actually knew the gender a few weeks before. Some would think it would ruin the fun, but it didn’t whatsoever. To us, finding the gender out was so important and such a big moment! It tells our story as a family and plays a big role in our opinions. We were going to be beyond overjoyed either way, but it took us much by surprise that we are having a boy first. From the beginning we always thought we would be a girl family and that we might not even ever get a boy. As soon as I got pregnant though, my mother’s intuition I guess you could say was telling me boy. All my feelings about having a girl completely disappeared. I still second guessed myself though, and when we opened our results with SneakPeek, and confirmed it was a boy, I was shocked. I’m really glad we made the decision to open the results by ourselves and know before, because I will never forget the special moment we shared together!

Since I already knew the gender, we were so focused on everyone else’s guesses and we really got to enjoy our families reactions to finding out it was a boy. I thought everyone would be team girl–but we actually didn’t have that many people on team girl which shocked me. I’d say basically 60% of the party if not 70 was team boy.

Since I wasn’t feeling well leading up to the gender reveal, something that kept me distracted was planning the party. I planned it by myself and had help from my mom and mother-in-law the day of–but chose everything myself! I’ve had a gender reveal Pinterest board for as long as I can remember, and I originally wanted to do a, “Come Find out the Scoop, Will it Be Pink or Will it Be Blue?”. I ended up changing my mind last minute because…pregnancy cravings lol! We hired a taco guy who came out for lunch and enjoyed yummy desserts. It was the perfect Sunday!




I linked the decor that I bought (so impressive–I’d say we spent max $200 on everything!) and everything else I could for you! Some is from Etsy and my Amazon products are through my Amazon Shop.

Desserts were Sweet Treasures by Nicole and Tacos were Tacos La Paloma (feel free to message me for direct info!)



We can’t wait to meet you baby boy!

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