Scottsdale & Tucson: Ultimate Food Guide

If you followed along our babymoon over on my Instagram stories, then you know we did a lot of eating! I went ahead and saved everything to a highlight for you on my profileI also wanted to publish a blog post to go along with my other Arizona blog posts, because well…there is a lot to cover in this category! So many of you sent in suggestions that we weren’t able to hit all of the restaurants that we wanted too, we had to pick and choose. We went with what sounded good mainly and also what was near where we were staying. I’ve gone ahead and included the name of the restaurants, photos and also addresses to make it easier if you decide to use this as a food guide. Grab a snack because after reading this you will probably be starving–so don’t say I didn’t warn you, ha!


Diego Pops / @diegopops

📍4338 N. Scottsdale Road

Tim ordered the Sonoran Hot Dog and I got the Braised Green Chili Chicken Tacos. What I really wanted was their elote that they had dusted with hot cheeto dust, but they were sold out by the time we got there. I was so bummed! If you want to try it too, I suggest getting their before the lunch rush–we were much later. I was happy with my order though and overall loved the vibe/aesthetic of the restaurant. Definitely a lot of good photo ops here as it was very trendy!

Obon Sushi / @obonsushi

📍7300 N. Via Paseo del Sur

This place was definitely not what I was expecting. I guess in my head I thought it would be just your standard sushi bar? I went in craving your basic california roll or crunch roll, and what I ordered was *sort of* similar to that but it didn’t taste right to me. I got the Strip Roll (wouldn’t order again) and Tim got the Tokatsu Ramen, which is what I would get if I went again since I mainly ended up eating his dinner, ha! I would go back and also get the Obon edamame we ordered again. So if you do–it isn’t your standard sushi bar and is a little more unique/outside the box.

Unbaked / @getunbaked

📍3712 N. Scottsdale Road

I got one word for this place: YUMMY. If you read my post on IG than you saw that I had a hard time figuring out what to order…so I went ahead and got one of everything, literally. Then you had a happy Danielle, a grumpy Tim and we were out $30 just from my dessert cravings LOL. I got the dowich (an ice cream cookie sandwich but the cookie was dough) which I surprisingly wouldn’t order again. Not sure why, but the dough on this tasted a little funny to me. The cookies though…to die for! They were extremely soft and full of flavor. Also the ice cream mixed with the cookie dough–you just can’t go wrong. Delicious and I really wish they had this place in California!

Hash Kitchen / @hashkitchen

📍8777 N. Scottsdale Road

If you’re going to eat here, make sure you go hungry. Let me rephrase that actually–make sure you are starving. The amount of food we got for what we ordered was insane! I was expecting 3 little donut holes when we ordered the item pictured, and that easily alone could’ve just been my meal. Everything was so great here, but I wish I knew how big the portions were. We ordered the canoli donuts to share (10/10), I got the lucky charms french toast (yum, but too sugary for me), and Tim got the breakfast potato tacos. Definitely want to try out more items on their menu some day!

Montauk / @themontaukaz

📍4360 N. Scottsdale Road

Pretty sure this restaurant makes it in the top 5, if not top 3 for me with what I ordered. For an appetizer, we ordered the potato chips and dip. I’ve craved onion dip this entire pregnancy, so the sound of it sounded delicious (and is now making my mouth water lol). It’s such a simple app, but boy did it hit the spot. For the main course I ordered their cauliflower fried rice for lunch (but I switched out the cauliflower for brown rice), and Tim got the chicken sliders. I snuck a few bites of that which was also super good!

Tocaya Organica / @tocayaorganica

📍4712 N. Goldwater Blvd. Unit 1210

This place also makes it in the top 3 for me as far as food for Scottsdale. We laugh now because neither of us realized this wasn’t a fancy restaurant–you actually just order and sit down. We were dressed for a nice dinner out and were shocked when we walked in, realized it was super casual and it was also empty, ha! Tim got the Burrito Mexicano (which he said he wouldn’t get again) and I ordered the Street Corn & Fuego Bowl. This was a lot spicier than I expected it to be, but it was still perfect. They have a location in San Diego so I will definitely be making my way down in the future!

Prep & Pastry / @prepandpastry

📍7025 E. Via Soleri Drive

I’m just your basic girl who loves a good breakfast. You know, pancakes hot cocoa and scrambled eggs. That is what usually hits the spot for me! Prep & Pastry delivered just that. The inside is also stunning as far as decor, aesthetic and theme goes. Which you all know this girl appreciates! We enjoyed a simple breakfast on our last morning in Scottsdale and it was the perfect meal to send us on our way out.

Here is a few places you all recommended that we didn’t get to try:


Oregano’s / @oreganospizza

📍4900 E. Speedway Blvd.

We waited about 40 minutes to get seated at this pizza joint. I had heard it was a really popular place in the area, but I didn’t know it was that popular. I mean…it was a Tuesday night. You would’ve thought it was Saturday! The garlic bread was to die for (I mainly ate that, lol!) and the pizza was just ok for me, personally. Tim loved it, but I love a thick crust pizza and what we got was super thin, which is my least favorite. That garlic bread though…all about it!

Waffle House / @wafflehouseofficial

📍3565 E. Irvington Road

I know this is very silly to include in my food guide, but…besides Aunt Vicky’s waffles that get made once a year on New Year’s Day, these are the best waffles ever. I’m from California so these don’t exist near me. We took advantage and went for breakfast two days in a row–and I have 0 regrets. And ordered waffles of course!

Reforma Modern Mexican Mezcal + Tequila / @reformatucson

📍4340 N. Campbell Avenue

This also makes it on the top 5/top 3 list for me. I’m a sucker for Mexican Food and you can always count me in for some chips & dip! We started with that, some elote (finally got my fix!), white lemon rice and a quesadilla. As you can tell, really cautious with what we’re eating and being health concious–ha!

Zinburger / @eatzinburger

📍1865 E. River Road

Not sure if this is top 3, but definitely top 5. We were debating between the parmesan fries and the sweet potato fries. We ended up getting the sweet potato ones and we made the right decision! I was asking for more by the end of our meal–even though I was beyond full. The best burgers, fries & shakes hand down!

That about wraps it up! Thank you all SO much again for all the amazing recommendations–if you couldn’t tell we loved it and practically ate our way through the state lol. If you head out here and try anything we did, definitely let me know! I love hearing when you guys follow my recommendations or try something I share. Hopefully this is helpful and if you have any other places you want to add, follow up in the comments!

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