Living Room Reveal

This room has been a long time coming and I am SO happy that it is finally done! If I’m being honest, decorating the house is taking a lot longer than I thought it would and also costs way more money than I thought it would. I’m telling myself though that I would rather it take longer and be perfect and exactly how I want it, rather then slower and just thrown together. This is when I am super thankful that Nicole from NN Designs has stepped in. I had a whole bunch of ideas going into this house that in the beginning, I will admit that it was a little bit of a mess. I wanted farmhouse decor, some modern, also wanted to throw in boho and then oh ya, traditional too. She helped me really narrow down the look I was going for and style to help determine the theme for our house which is modern farmhouse! I’m super happy with how it turning out so far and love this style for our first home. I look forward to the next couple years getting to decorate for the holidays and grow my collection of decor and also watch areas of the house evolve! What’s the most sweet about this room, is that it will also double as a playroom since we don’t have a two living room situation. This room will be eventually be overrun with toys, laughter and kiddos…and I am so excited for that day! For now though, I’m enjoying it as the beautiful living room it is that is getting ready to greet baby number 1.

I went ahead and linked everything I can for ya in this Shop the Post widget, as well as on I have a highlight created on my Instagram that goes over every single detail of this room! I will be updating this as time goes on if anything changes in the future. Hopefully this helps!

NOT Linked: Clock, Hobby Lobby | Couch, Bob’s Discount Furniture Dream Modular Couch in Gray | Entertainment Center, custom piece by Bucket of Nails

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