Gift Guide 2020: For Him


















Other Suggestions: Music Subscription, Wallet filled with Gift Cards, Room Makeover/Decor



Other Suggestions: A Class (tae-kwon-doe, ju-jitsu), Tickets (either a show or day trip), Favorite Team Signage


Date Night

Gift your husband or significant other the gift of a date! You can get a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant, and even a gift card to his favorite clothing stores so he can buy a new outfit. You can get creative with this and make it into a whole basket of a “date night” for going out, or even staying in.

Over Night Getaway

Plan a little staycation (or get away) for you & your boo! With recently having been on vacation, I forgot how nice it is to explore a new area and be somewhere other than home. If you are comfortable, getting out even just for one night can make you feel refreshed and recharged! Plus it would make a great gift. You can even add a coupon book to go with this too!

Trip with the Boys

With baby boy coming soon I know Tim is desperate for some guy time! In our relationship, we definitely both need our time away from each other to recharge. When I make plans, I always dread going at first but then when I’m there, I get to catch up with girlfriends and always feel happy afterwards! Same goes for Tim, so you can try coordinating with friends to set up either a whole day, a trip, or even a meal for him to get out and have fun!

Car Detail

Who else’s husband has a messy car, raise your hand! Tim mainly takes Chip & Nilla in his car when they go on hikes, to the groomer or anywhere else. They also are both huge dogs and shed a ton, so if you sit in Tim’s car just know you will be covered in dog hair for awhile lol! A clean car always feels good, but it can be expensive if you want to invest in a nicer type of detail than just your standard drive-thru. Heck, anyone in your life could use this gift!

Genetic Testing

Tim asked for this last year and he was excited to get the results! He wanted it for Christmas after I got it the year before. I think this is a big hit in the older generations as well since it can be so cool to learn history and even connect with long lost family members.

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  1. 11.23.20

    This post is amazing and so helpful! I always have trouble finding a gift for my husband!!! I want to get those headphones!!

  2. 11.23.20
    Pam Wattenbarger said:

    I see a lot of gaming accessories on there that my son would like. I think genetic testing would be interesting too.

  3. 11.23.20
    Kileen said:

    These are some really awesome gift ideas for Him. So many wonderful ideas and thoughts here!

  4. 11.23.20
    Brianne said:

    You just saved me a ton of time for my shopping. I found a lot of great things here for my husband AND my son. I think my son will get a pair of headphones, and my husband will love the tool set.

  5. 11.23.20
    Amber Myers said:

    These are some great ideas. I know my husband and son would love many of your picks. They are all about video game stuff.

  6. 11.23.20
    Joline said:

    Love how you classified these gift guides into exactly the types of men I have to buy gifts for lol!! They’re perfect.

  7. 11.23.20
    Jennifer Prince said:

    Those workout dice are reallly cool! They seem both fun and motivating. 🙂

  8. 11.23.20
    heather said:

    These are awesome gift ideas. I’m having trouble figuring out what to get everyone this year.

  9. 11.23.20
    monica y said:

    Wow these are great ideas, I wasn’t sure what to get my brother in law and not I have an idea of what to get him

  10. 11.23.20
    Heather said:

    So many great options! My husband is the gadget guy. He would love every one of those!

  11. 11.23.20
    Natalie said:

    This is so great as I was just debating what to get the men in my life this holiday. Thank you for these fab ideas!

  12. 11.23.20
    Beth said:

    Thanks for all these great ideas! I see things that my sons and husband will appreciate that I had not thought of for them.

  13. 11.23.20
    Bri said:

    Such a comprehensive list! Thank you so much! Now I need to start shopping!

  14. 11.23.20
    Nikki Wayne said:

    I find it hard to predict what men or boys like when it comes to gifts. These items sounds nice.

  15. 11.24.20

    If I didn’t know what I was getting for my husband before I do now. Some many fantastic ideas. Thanks so much for a good range of options x

  16. 11.24.20
    Crizel Ibarra said:

    These are very useful I have a lots of idea this coming season…my boys will love it

  17. 11.24.20
    Stephanie said:

    I’m seeing a few really great options on here for my husband – but now to find something for my dad and brother-in-law. Those are the tough ones. You’re giving me some serious inspiration, that’s for sure! I love how in-depth this guide is. Excellent job!

  18. 11.24.20

    What a great list. This helps me to get him some goodies. It’s always hard to find good gifts for my husband.

  19. 11.24.20
    Tasheena said:

    Such a great gift guide. You have everything for the men on my list.

  20. 11.24.20
    Rose Ann Sales said:

    These are great items. Boys or men will surely be happy to receive any.

  21. 11.24.20
    Gervin Khan said:

    Wow! Such a wonderfully wide range of gift set to every kind of man like.

  22. 11.24.20
    Lynndee said:

    Such a great list of gift ideas. I see some that I know my husband would really like.

  23. 11.24.20
    Kathy said:

    This is an awesome list. You have so many wonderful items here. I’m excited for the holidays even though I know they’ll be different this year.

  24. 11.24.20

    These are all great ideas! My husband and son-in-law are the hardest to buy for.

  25. 11.24.20
    Rosey said:

    That Smokehouse set is looking pretty good. I think grown men are the hardest to buy for in my family.

  26. 11.24.20
    Swathi said:

    Gift guide looks really great. I will pin it for later. As I need to buy for my hubby.

  27. 11.24.20

    I’m gonna go and wrap a gift for my own! I am so loving all these items! The personalized gifts are awesome.

  28. 11.25.20

    wow there are so many choices! I LOVE that you included a tongue scraper. I swear they’re incredibly underrated but make SUCH a difference!