Gift Guide: For Her 2020

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Other Gift Ideas

Meal Planning Service | If you’ve seen my stories lately, then you know Hello Fresh has been a life saver for me. It has totally changed the way we do dinners, for the better. We longer have to waste food or play the guessing game! A gift card to a service like Hello Fresh is something I think adults could really appreciate. Especially if you’ve had to “figure out what’s for dinner” for many, many years!

Car Detailing | A great gift! We just got Tim’s truck detailed and I forgot how nice it is to have a clean car. Not just gas station or drive thru car wash, like REALLY clean! It ended up being cleaner than when we bought it. Tim got the truck with stains on the driver’s seat, and when the guy was done with the job the stains were all out. This makes for a perfect gift for a mom, someone who has dogs that shed (dog hair literally is everywhere), or someone who just doesn’t take time to clean their car.


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