Best Purchases of 2020

Can you believe there’s only 10 days left of 2020?! I was hoping December would go by a little slower than November did (hello speed racer) so we could enjoy all the holiday festivities and just happiness that comes with it being this time of year. The days are going by slow but time as a whole is passing by quickly, just like this pregnancy ha! I know there is more time to shop this year and I could probably get another best purchase before the year ended if I really wanted to, but I figured I should stop while I’m ahead. I did a lot of shopping this year for a mixture of reasons–us buying a new house and being stuck in quarantine though are the main ones.

With I’m sure a lot of you getting gift cards in the next weeks as presents, I figured I would help you out by rounding up some of my favorite purchases this year. You won’t be surprised that a lot of them are from Amazon, but also a lot of them are home/lifestyle based. I mean, that’s what a majority of us did this year right? Spend way too much time at home? And shopping? Lol! Click through the Shop the Post widget and that is where you find everything linked up for ya.



Happy shopping!

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