2021 Book Club

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I’m so excited to get this started to kick off the New Year! Something I love to do is read, but I hardly ever have time. During quarantine over the past year I’ve realized setting little goals and then moving my way upward works best for me. I originally wanted to start with reading 4 books a month. As soon as I started, I immediately failed (as you can imagine) within the first week. Why? Because that goal was way too big! Now, something to keep in mind is that everyone is different. The goal of reading 12 books in one year may be too much to begin with! And I totally get it. I mean, do I need to remind you that in a matter of weeks I’m going to have a newborn? Ha!

So, if you’re interested in reading more and need a little push–consider this your sign. What I like about this set up is that it’s simply just to encourage reading more, and of course to give us all a little more me time. Not only do I love that, but there’s nothing required of you. Say you want to read January’s book, but you have no interest in February’s pick. By all means–pick and choose what months you want to participate in!

My goal is to read each book once a month, keep you guys updated on my progress and then do a blog post at the end of each month recapping my thoughts. Then, those of you who choose to join in can participate in those monthly chats! I linked each book above through Amazon on the months that correspond with the graphic. Happy reading!


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