Top Sellers for 2020

Its so fun to look back on the year and to see what your guys favorite products were. Through my links that I share with you all on stories, in my blog posts and in the app, I’m able to track the sales and what products get the most attention. I took a look through my most sold products and wasn’t super shocked by what was my top 10! I figured you guys would like to see too, so without further ado, here are my best sellers of the year!


  1. Soap & Lotion Dispenser | This was a recent Target find you guys went crazy over! I added these to my downstairs guest bathroom.
  2. My Bachelorette Towels | You can read and see all the details from my Bachelorette here. We had these towels customized with all the girls names on them, and they turned out to be a big hit!
  3. Acrylic Calendar | I got this calendar to go on our command center wall in our house. I love that we can both see our entire schedule for the month and that its also aesthetically pleasing!
  4. Apartment Couch | If you followed along before we got our house, this was the couch we had in our apartment. The dogs completely destroyed it, which is why we got a new one for here. But this was a great affordable couch that was perfect for our first home together!
  5. New Balance Sneakers | These sneakers were on a lot of people’s top sellers list and I can see why. They are so cute and I’ve heard they are incredibly comfy!
  6. Marc Fischer Booties | I purchased these during the Nordstrom Sale this year and have already gotten great use out of them. I was hesitant about the color at first, but I love them! Other colors available too.
  7. Sweater Tank | These things are my fave! They give you the look of the sweater but dress up a simple shorts and top look. Perfect for a day out or evening date night.
  8. Beauty Blenders | I wish I had started buying these sooner. The price is unbeatable for the amount of blenders you get–not to mention the quality of them. They work just as well as the real deal!
  9. Gift Organizer | I used to have everything shoved under our bed, but once we moved I knew that wouldn’t work anymore. I got this organizer and it is a game changer! It holds wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue papers, cards, gift cards, bows and more. Keeps it all neat too!
  10. Body Scrubbers | If you are still using a loofah, it’s time to change girlfriend! These don’t hold any bacteria and really clean you up well.

And there you have it! The top 10 best selling items on Danielle Alana for the year of 2020. I’m looking forward to sharing more great deals and finds with you all in 2021, and can’t wait to see what makes the chart this year. Happy Shopping!

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