Spring Home Refresh

Will Target ever do me wrong? I think we all know the answer is no. I know it’s a little bit early to be shopping for Spring decor, but one thing I’ve realized with new arrivals here is that they get picked over and sold out–fast. So, if there’s something you want for the upcoming season, buy it now! Lesson learned the hard way, personally. Regardless of timing though, I think everyone is in the mood for some refreshing new decor. With the year we just had, plus all these TV shows coming out that are about dream home makeovers–everyones in the market. Not to mention all those gift cards everyone got for Christmas!

I’ve definitely taken a pause when it comes to my home decor, for several reasons. One being that decorating this house has taken way longer than I thought. Not to mention the price tag–I knew it would be expensive but man, I just felt like everything kept coming and coming. I needed a break! I didn’t think it would be possible for me to get over decorating + shopping for a space, but…it happened. I’m currently working on our downstairs guest bath, and it’s actually almost done! I just need some shelves, a few decor pieces, prints and I’m done. Oh, and Tim needs to hang the mirror. But other than that, that was something easy for me to do that was fun and also budget friendly. Pics coming very soon!

Hopefully after baby boy comes, I have more motivation to get back into it and having a mini shopping buddy will help. If he’s anything like his dad though, he won’t be a big fan, ha!


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