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I remember booking these photos and talking about ideas with Sydney over Summer, and the idea and time frame of these seemed so far away–impossible even. In the beginning, I was so eager to just get to the next step again and again. Now that we are in the final weeks, I’m soaking up every last second of this big old belly. Before this shoot and leading up to it, I’ve been making comments to Tim here and there about how I just feel big and…not attractive. After getting these photos back from Sydney, it’s safe to say I was able to fall in love with myself again. Scrolling through these on my phone–I abs0lutely love this pregnant belly of mine and I’m going to miss it so much! This body housed our baby boy for 9 months and kept him safe, and for that I am forever thankful. I wanted these photos to capture this time in our lives and focus on the love we have for each other and our growing family, and just that was captured.

Since I wanted to focus on that, I didn’t go super unique or outside the box when it came to outfits. I knew I wanted a look that flattered my bump and also kept it in focus and at the center of attention. I kept it simple with a patterned dress for me, and Tim in colors that complimented my look! For my solo shots, I felt like it was only appropriate to do a bathing suit. I saw some shots on Pinterest that were gorgeous, and all the mama had on was a black bikini on an empty beach. The simplicity of the moment totally captured my attention and I knew I wanted just that! Thanks to the lady behind the camera, Sydney brought my vision to life with her skills and eye for a great edit.

Since she’s the pro, I decided to ask her for some tips when it comes to maternity photos, since I know a lot of you are also expecting and will be doing these. When it comes to outfits, something to note is how important colors are. Sydney says to make sure to coordinate with your photographer so they can give tips based off your location background for both you and your significant other. A rule of thumb Sydney likes to highlight is that it’s always a good to stick with neutral and earth tones, since bright colors like red can reflect harshly on the skin. The second next important thing next to color when it comes to your outfit, is the style. To avoid looking bigger than you are, make sure the dress you’re wearing isn’t to flowy. If it is, it can drown out your bump and make it hard to focus on the bump–which should be the center of attention! The last thing you want to do is hide it.

And there you have it–some tips from a professional! I went ahead and linked my outfit (non-maternity) below including my dress and necklace. Tim’s outfit is included, as well as similar suits compared to my black one. My exact one is around 6 years old from Target! If you’re going for the same look though, any plain black swimsuit will do. Thanks for reading and recant wait to meet you baby boy!

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