Travel Dreams + First Family Vacay

One thing that’s currently on my mind besides baby, you ask? VACATION. It hit me the other day that Tim & I had a week long Babymoon (which you can read about here) back in October. Safe to say, that feels like centuries old and I’m already craving another. Not to mention, taking a road trip vs. actually flying to a destination feels WAY different! In 2020, I had planned to go to San Diego, Temecula, New York, Tennessee, Europe and Maine. Fortunately, the San Diego & Temecula trips happened before the pandemic, but unfortunately, the rest of the trips got cancelled. I’m really hoping that by the end of this year, maybe even sooner, traveling can be something that can happen. Obviously, I know of people still taking vacations and getting on airplanes now, but I mean with like no restrictions, having to be tested, quarantine rules in place and wearing masks everywhere. Just a plain, simple vacation. Like old times!

Since traveling has been weighing heavy on my heart, I decided to write this post on my top destinations I’m hoping to make it to in the near future. Not to mention, my Christmas gift to Tim! We decided when we first started dating (well, early on) that instead of Christmas gifts we would gift each other trips every year. One person buying the plane tickets and the other purchasing the accommodations. Our first trip was to New Mexico (we literally just went to this site and picked a state) since our goal is to cross off all 50 states. The second Christmas, we didn’t really plan a trip because we had a big one planned with his family and also my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Then came a big wedding and planning, a honeymoon, and now a baby. Safe to say we only really got one trip in before life just went on it’s way! So I wanted to bring it back this year (I have high hopes) and my fingers are crossed that we’ll be able to travel and bring baby boy. Keep on reading to find out where we (might) be headed!


This place without a doubt will be on my list every single year. If you’ve been, then you know what I’m talking about. My family likes to do trips whenever we can and because of that, it just has a special place in my heart! We don’t really “do” anything when we go. We just relax, layout by the pool, eat and maybe a play a few games at night. In all honesty, those vacations are my favorite. So I look forward to hopefully having one of those this year, and taking baby boy with us to experience it for the first time!


Two year anniversary trip, maybe? Our epic fail of a first anniversary trip was a bust (we were supposed to go to Europe for two weeks…thanks, coronavirus). We wanted to travel out of the country one more time besides our honeymoon before children, but that didn’t happen! Palm Springs is always fun but we want to try and experience a new location for this one. We’ll see where things are at at this point (so many factors to consider) but, again…feeling optimistic.


Alright, this one is a little random but it’s the best way I could think to label it. I’m not quite sure what state I want to go to, but I know A) I want to go in the Fall B) to somewhere pretty back East that has all the Fall activities. Do I want to go for the photo ops? Yes, but also the beautiful scenery and fun things to do. A lot of activities (like apple picking for example) can be done here in California, but I just feel like it has to be that much magical in a state that truly experiences all the seasons! This travel want is definitely a reach, so we’ll see if this happens.


Our first family vacation! Yup—our yearly vacation is currently on the books for August to Honolulu. Well, for now. If all is well & all goes as planned, we’ll be heading out to the island for a week with baby boy. We originally wanted to go to Hawaii for our babymoon, but you know…2020. So how sweet is it that we get to take little guy with us instead?! Since all 50 states are on our bucket list, and Hawaii is an expensive one, we figured we might as well do it now. Do it while we don’t have to pay full price for multiple children’s plane tickets, rooms, the list goes on. Insurance is purchased though just in case to guarantee us our money back if everything is wrong, but…man. I really hope I’m living the island life here in a few months!

Where’s the first place you want to travel to next time you get the chance to go?

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