Best of 2020: Blog Posts

Last year was a really big year in our lives, and I’m so happy that I was able to share a lot of it with you guys! I get a lot of questions and with my most popular blog posts of 2020, a lot of those questions are answered (for the most part). I thought I would round up my most popular blog posts of the year and put them all in one place for you–sorta like a one stop shop. It doesn’t surprise me that a lot of them revolve around the house and baby, because those two things were definitely the highlight of our year.

  1. We’re MovingI remember the nerves I had leading up to publishing this blog post. I was so excited and also nervous for everyone to know our big news!
  2. Home Building: Q & A | After we announced we were moving, we got a ton of questions on how we were able to afford to build a house at such a young age. I answered all of those questions in this blog post!
  3. It’s A Boy | I was apparently so excited to announce our pregnancy, that I didn’t do a pregnancy announcement blog post ha. Just went straight into gender reveal!
  4. My Baby RegistryA lot of you have been pregnant at the same time as me throughout this progress which has been so fun, so I did a whole post covering our registry!
  5. Our Babymoon | A trip that was much needed. We were able to get away for a week in Arizona, and I recapped the whole trip here as well as other blog posts I did on the trip like my food guide.
  6. Baby In Bloom: My Baby Shower | All my Pinterest dreams come true! My mother-in-law and good friend Sydney hosted the most beautiful baby shower for me. All the details are recapped here!
  7. Living Room Reveal | One of the rooms I was most excited to finish, mainly because its our main living area. Still really happy with how this room turned out layout wise!
  8. Dining Room Reveal | My gallery wall that I have in our dining room was a huge hit with you guys. Can’t wait to replace the photos with pictures of our little guy!
  9. Birth Control: Fertility Awareness Method | Before we got pregnant, I talked a lot about the fertility awareness method we were practicing. Talked about that here and answered a lot of questions!
  10. Guest Bathroom Reveal | I used the same decor that I had in our apartment, but I’m really able to show it off here in our house! Still just as obsessed with it when I first got it.

Even though 2020 was a wild year, it was still a good one. Looking forward to sharing more big moments and life’s sweet events this year, with a special someone!

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